The Austin Focus Celebrates Four-Year Anniversary

The Austin Focus' Director of Operations discussed the firm's four-year anniversary and what inspired her to launch it. She also highlighted a few plans for the future and the importance of setting aggressive goals.

The Austin Focus’ Director of Operations discussed the firm’s four-year anniversary and what inspired her to launch it. She also highlighted a few plans for the future and the importance of setting aggressive goals.

With the company celebrating its fourth anniversary, there’s a good amount of reflection happening around The Austin Focus HQ. Kati, the firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “I feel excitement and elation knowing how much we’ve accomplished in four years’ time. I can still remember the feelings I had when I first started the business, which involved a lot of nerves and butterflies. In fact, I like to put myself in an entry-level team member’s shoes before every meeting to feel that same type of excitement again.”

When asked what inspired her to start The Austin Focus, Kati remarked, “I was surrounded by incredible innovators who challenged me to think outside the box and leave my comfort zone. My focus was on challenging myself and asking, ‘Why not?’ instead of, ‘Why?’ From a revenue perspective, I also knew there was a void in terms of brand awareness and advertising here in Austin. It just made sense to get started right here.”

"I feel excitement and elation knowing how much we've accomplished in four years' time.


Director of Operations

The Director has also been thinking about the visions she had for The Austin Focus back in 2013. She explained, “I wasn’t sure if we’d be working with the small business brands we’ve represented, but I also didn’t realize how big they would become! We’ve been able to set up new markets here in Austin, as well as regional markets I wasn’t sure we’d be able to achieve. In terms of our executives, we’ve filled 40 percent more positions than we anticipated four years ago.”

The Austin Focus’ Director Highlights Future Plans, Value of Setting Big Goals

There are aggressive plans in place for the next four years at The Austin Focus. Kati commented, “We’re excited to be partnering with two new brands this year, both of which are larger than we’ve imagined working with in the past. The next four years promise even greater growth opportunities covering major cities in Texas and beyond. We plan to maintain our small business vibe throughout the process, because we like the intimate setting that comes with it.”

Kati continued, “I’m also excited to see more promotions in the next four years than we’ve had in the last four. Giving back to the community is another area where I’d like to see further growth. Setting high benchmarks is a way of life at The Austin Focus, because we know keeping up the status quo won’t help us beat the competition. If we continue raising the bar, I know we’ll reach the ambitious goals we have for expansion over the next four years.”

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