The Austin Focus Sets Community Service Goals for 2016

The Director of Operations at The Austin Focus discussed the team's commitment to giving back and plans for helping the Austin community in 2016. She also shared advice on finding the right cause to support.

​​Company leaders at The Austin Focus have always maintained a commitment to supporting the people who enable the firm’s success. Kati, the Director of Operations, remarked, “Our team contributes to a wide range of causes in and around Austin, and we are always looking for new ways to give back. We truly love this city and we are dedicated to making a real difference for its wonderful people.”

The firm’s associates have taken part in a wealth of charitable pursuits over the past couple of years. Kati stated, “We have donated to Toys for Tots for two years in a row, and we recently gave pillows to a women’s and kids’ shelter. Our team has also given clothes to charities, volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House, and made financial contributions to help fight ALS. We have even had the privilege of running a 5K for the local food bank. These events are just the beginning for our philanthropic efforts here at The Austin Focus, and we have ambitious goals for the future.”

The Director and her fellow leaders at The Austin Focus appreciate the eclectic vibes their hometown offers. “Whether born and raised in Austin or having adopted it as home, all of us here at The Austin Focus feel the need to help anyone in the area who is less fortunate than we are. Doing so brings us closer together and forges family-like bonds. Something about giving back makes professionals want to work harder toward common goals, and we have seen that effect many times within our firm. Our people appreciate each other’s unique talents much more after working together to support the community.”

"We have donated to Toys for Tots for two years in a row, and we recently gave pillows to a women's and kids' shelter."


Director of Operations

As 2016 further unfolds, the leaders at The Austin Focus have high hopes for philanthropic pursuits. Kati explained, “We want to make sure that we continue showing our love for Austin by helping local causes throughout the year. It will also be important to show new additions to our team just how serious we are about supporting those in need. This year, we are encouraging our people to recommend giveback options. I can’t wait to see what they suggest!”

The Austin Focus’ Director Offers Tips for Finding the Right Cause

Kati believes that a leader must set a positive example for his or her followers, and she does her best to be a direct reflection of what she expects from others. This philosophy also helps her identify the appropriate philanthropic measures. 

“I think it’s essential to explore an organization’s leadership and overall mission when you’re pursuing giveback opportunities,” the Director added. “Here at The Austin Focus, we look for causes that align with our shared commitment to making Austin and her people stronger and better equipped for a bright future.”

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