The Austin Focus Receives Prestigious Workplace Award

​The Director of Operations for The Austin Focus discussed an award the company recently won for its success-oriented work culture. She also outlined the firm’s plans for future growth and hiring. 

The Austin Focus has earned a reputation for providing a supportive work atmosphere according to Kati, the firm’s Director of Operations. Recently, this reputation was reinforced with a Top Places to Work Award from the Fair Business Report. She explained, “This award reflects the culture we have worked hard to build and maintain. I’m proud of our team members for helping us sharpen The Austin Focus’ reputation as an empowering workplace.”

To earn this award, companies must receive at least 10 positive reviews from past and/or present employees in a given year on the Fair Business Report website. They must also uphold a supportive culture that puts professionals in positions to advance. Being active in the community is another criterion for receiving the award.

"Collaboration is a core element of The Austin Focus culture, so we're looking for strong team players who appreciate other people's ideas."



Kati remarked, “We are so excited that our culture has been recognized for everything from our philanthropy to our growth opportunities. The Austin Focus is all about development, giving back to the community, and supplying our partners with greater market reach and revenues.” The Director also stated that she wants to make the Top Places to Work Award an annual achievement for the company. “We want to leave no doubt that our company is a prime destination for driven professionals.”

The Austin Focus’ Director of Operations Details Plans for Growth and Hiring 

Earning the Top Places to Work Award is a sign of The Austin Focus’ growing reputation as an industry leader. Kati commented, “We are prepared for expansive growth in the coming months. There are several major new markets in our sights, and we’re optimistic about reaching customers within those regions. Our people are set to begin developing strategic plans for these specific markets and deploying our campaigns in short order.”

Kati understands that an infusion of talent will be necessary to make good on her aggressive plans for expansion. “We’re already in the process of evaluating candidates to join our team,” she said. “Collaboration is a core element of The Austin Focus culture, so we’re looking for strong team players who appreciate other people’s ideas.”

Constant improvement is another hallmark of The Austin Focus’ continuing success. The Director concluded, “Anyone who joins our team needs to be dedicated to improving, both through the many team training sessions we provide and independent study. We’re accepting applications online.”  

About The Austin Focus:

The Austin Focus is a results-oriented provider of dynamic promotional campaigns designed for the modern marketplace. Their team of branding specialists is equipped with all the skills and knowledge necessary to reach targeted customers and build lasting brand loyalty. Through customized advertising campaigns backed by in-depth market research, The Austin Focus forges mutually-beneficial relationships between companies and the public. These relationships result in boosted profitability and enhanced market presence for the firm’s diverse clients. The Austin Focus looks forward to a bright future as a dynamic and innovative leader in the marketing and consulting services industry. Check us out at​


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