The Austin Focus Promotes Top Performers, Eyes Expansion

The Austin Focus' Director of Operations highlighted the promotions of several outstanding team members. She also discussed the company's ambitious goals for growth and expansion in 2016.

“We maintain a growth culture here at The Austin Focus,” proclaimed Kati, the Director of Operations. “That being the case, we are always proud to recognize our talented team members when they achieve great things. A selection of our top performers recently earned promotions to the retail sales associate level. They will be responsible for generating leads, providing great customer service, and training other sales associates in the new role.”

Ben L., Tim W., Stephanie T., Jonas C., and Emily G. received promotions, and company leaders are excited to see what they accomplish in their new positions. Kati explained, “Each of these individuals brings a unique set of strengths to our team, and I know the future is bright for our firm because of that.”

“Ben showed leadership traits right from the beginning,” offered the Director. “He is very eager to learn and grow, and he knows how to set and achieve aggressive goals. He even qualified to travel to the leadership conference.”

"Ben showed leadership traits right from the beginning,"


Director of Operations

Tim also qualified for the leadership event, and Kati believes this was a transformative experience for him. She explained, “Tim is very genuine and down-to-earth, but he also loves receiving affirmation for his hard work. He enjoys the positive work environment we have here at The Austin Focus, and he also helps to make it even more cohesive.”

Stephanie has overcome adversity to become an inspiring leader. Kati remarked, “Stephanie has the ability to compartmentalize stresses and the many demands placed upon her. She thrives outside her comfort zone, which is always the sign of a potentially great leader. Stephanie also loves travelling and recently went on back-to-back road trips.”

An all around genuine guy is how the Director would describe Jonas. “He is a go getter that has an incredible office presence with his positive attitude and willingness to do any task I send his way.”

In describing Emily, the Director stated, “She is very focused and straightforward. I have always been impressed by Emily’s insistence that nothing is sugarcoated, and she is always looking for ways to learn and improve.”

The Austin Focus’ Director Discusses Growth Goals for 2016

The promoted group of associates reflects the strong growth prospects of The Austin Focus as an organization. Kati stated, “We closed out a record-breaking 2015 with a ton of positive momentum. There is no reason to slow down now that a new year is underway. We already have several major new markets in our sights, and we hope to open them in the coming months.”

Ambitious goal setting is nothing new to the leaders at The Austin Focus. “We know we can’t afford to sit back and rest on our past accomplishments,” the Director concluded. “It is imperative to keep high benchmarks in place at all times if you want to stay ahead of the competition. As we move forward into 2016, our objectives continue to get more aggressive, and so do our methods.”

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The Austin Focus is a results-oriented provider of dynamic promotional campaigns designed for the modern marketplace. Their team of branding specialists is equipped with all the skills and knowledge necessary to reach targeted customers and build lasting brand loyalty. Through customized advertising campaigns backed by in-depth market research, The Austin Focus forges mutually-beneficial relationships between companies and the public. These relationships result in boosted profitability and enhanced market presence for the firm’s diverse clients. The Austin Focus looks forward to a bright future as a dynamic and innovative leader in the marketing and consulting services industry.

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