The Austin Focus Offers Recognition Through Travel

The Austin Focus Director of Operations detailed an upcoming company retreat, and announced which team members will attend. She also discussed the relationship between recognition and team building.

“Travel opportunities come in handy for a lot of reasons,” said Kati, the Director of Operations at The Austin Focus. “It’s a great way for my colleagues and I to express our commitment to the development of our people. Whenever our people attend a conference or other getaway, they learn new things and forge new connections. Providing associates with these options is also a way to recognize them for their hard work.”

Kati indicated that the upcoming event is a rest and relaxation retreat to be held in Las Vegas. Five other team members will be attending. For assistant manager Callie G., the invitation to the retreat is especially noteworthy because it’s the second she’s earned for her dedication to The Austin Focus.

“Campaign manager Tim K. will be coming along as well,” stated Kati. “He is very reliable, which makes him deserving of this opportunity. Kevin G., who is a huge team player and has a sharp business mind-set, will join us. Sam A. and Kat B. will be in attendance too. I can count on Sam in any situation, whether personal or professional. He’s a go-getter with high standards, and Kat demonstrated incredible leadership in and out of the businesses. She definitely cares about her team.”

"What's more, these functions facilitate the growth of our people and our company."


Direction Of Operations

According to Kati, the rest and relaxation retreat is a big deal for the associates not only because it’s a great networking opportunity. It also shows that their hard work is noticed, and that credit is given where it’s due. “What’s more, these functions facilitate the growth of our people and our company,” she added. “We get to put faces to the names of the biggest influencers in our industry, as well as hands-on time building relationships that will benefit us far into the future.”

How The Austin Focus Director Uses Recognition as a Team-Building Tool

The Austin Focus Director of Operations also mentioned that travel opportunities and other methods of associate recognition have lasting effects on the strength of the team as a whole. She also referenced research to support this assertion. Studies have found that in teams with at least one member whose efforts have been publicly applauded, individual performance of all players improved. Overall group performance soared as a result.

“This phenomenon is known as the recognition spillover effect,” Kati concluded. “Contrary to popular belief, singling out and acknowledging hard work does not breed resentment. As long as the feedback is appropriate, fair, and consistent, it works.”

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