The Austin Focus Enjoys Quarterly Conference and Team Nights

​The Austin Focus Director of Operations discussed the professional growth opportunities she and her colleagues enjoy. They include conferences, team nights, and philanthropic activities.

“From the advancement of our people to the expansion of our firm, we’re all about growth,” said Kati, the Director of Operations at The Austin Focus. “Travel to industry events is one of the ways we develop our team. Every training and conference is an opportunity to learn about the latest best practices in the field, and to forge relationships with influential people.”

Kati said she and associate Chris G. attended the most recent function, which was a quarterly conference held in Dallas in January. She indicated that Chris’ outstanding leadership, consistency, reliability, and performance in the field earned him the invitation to attend. He has also demonstrated strengths in hiring, team building, and leadership. These qualities made him an ideal candidate to benefit from the event while Kati attended meetings.

"From the advancement of our people to the expansion of our firm, we're all about growth."


Director of Operations

“Chris and I both gained a lot from the leadership event,” stated Kati. “We returned to The Austin Focus with beneficial new contacts and a wealth of information to share with our colleagues. The energy, focus, and innovative thinking in the office is increasing by the moment!”

The Austin Focus Director of Operations Cites a Focus on Goals

According to Kati, a commitment to goal setting pushes everyone in the right direction. They set expectations regarding every aspect of the business, including group performance, profit, outreach, training, and hiring. For instance, their investment in team building yields substantial returns in morale and productivity.

“Team nights are included in our relationship-building strategy, and we get together to relax multiple times per month,” Kati continued. “We’re now adding more philanthropy events to our agenda as well. It’s working out really well, because giving is one of our core values. Some of the activities we have planned include reading to children and volunteering for an animal welfare charity. We grow closer as we make a difference. What could be better?”

The company Director reported that the objectives to the team nights are for everyone to get together in a spirit of unity, and to get to know each other with their blazers off. “When we step away from our professional roles and interact on a personal level, camaraderie soars back at The Austin Focus,” she concluded. “It makes for an environment full of positivity and collaboration.”

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