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The director of operations at The Austin Focus advocates for the presence of leadership development programs in growing businesses. She also outlined the steps for creating such an initiative.

“Continuous learning and growth are highly prioritized at The Austin Focus,” said Kati, the firm’s director of operations. “My colleagues and I know how important it is to stay relevant in today’s ultra-competitive world. Things advance in the blink of an eye, and we are committed to doing the same through regular training, conference attendance, and more. It allows us to maintain an edge for our company and for those we serve.”

Kati explained that the emphasis on professional development also relates to leadership. She expects that, with so many opportunities for improvement, all members of The Austin Focus team will become respected and admired leaders. The firm’s intensive coaching system bolsters these transformations. Seasoned associates are matched with new hires, acting as coaches to help their less-experienced peers acquire the knowledge, skills, and hands-on learning needed to become successful leaders.

The Austin Focus Director on How to Develop a Comprehensive Leadership Program

"Every business culture should include an effective leadership development program."


Director of Operations

“Every business culture should include an effective leadership development program,” Kati continued. “Creating and implementing one isn’t particularly difficult, either. I would like to point out, however, that every business is unique, with its own needs, goals, and team dynamics. Although it’s fine to look at programs in other companies to gather ideas, it isn’t advisable to fully adopt any other initiative. Build one that meets the specific traits of your organization.”

According to Kati, business leaders can begin shaping their leadership initiatives by considering their companies’ missions, goals, and core values. They should consider the qualities to be demonstrated by their leaders, and well as what they expect these individuals to accomplish. These details will offer guidance in terms of the direction the program’s content should take. “There really aren’t any limits as far as the types of material and learning methods you incorporate into your program, though I do encourage the use of case studies and eventual hands-on training,” Kati concluded. “Basic transmission of information isn’t enough. Not until trainees can apply their newfound knowledge to real-world situations will they be ready to advance as leaders. This is a great way to keep team members engaged with the firm, and let them know they’re valued. In the process, you also make your company stronger. For us at The Austin Focus, it’s a win-win situation.”

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