Thai Police Want to Use Drones to Monitor Traffic From Sky

Thai Police Wants to Use Drones to Monitor Traffic From Sky

Drones are going to be used to help monitor traffic flow and violators in Thai Streets during holidays. As Thailand a world famous travel country, many tourists are crowded on the streets. The police officers said that "drones are more effective for monitoring because heavy holiday traffic would limit monitoring on the ground." JTT UAV, a high-tech company specialized in industrial UAV is a good partner choice for Thai Police for its stable flight performance and professional industry solutions.

JTT T60 industrial drone is a military-grade quality 6-axis 6-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle, with anti-wind and waterproof design, capable of working under extreme weather conditions. The built-in long distance high-definition transmission device makes the maximum transmission distance reach up to 20 km, which would be extremely helpful in transmitting traffic image and videos back to commander center from long distance in real-time, without sending police officers onsite.

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