Tenstreet and FASTPORT Partner to Support Apprenticeship Programs

Tim Crawford, CEO Tenstreet

Tenstreet and FASTPORT today announced a partnership to further truck driving apprenticeships and support the White House Trucking Action Plan far beyond the 90 days. Powered by Tenstreet's IntelliApp and employer network in combination with FASTPORT's expertise in bringing new apprentice drivers into the industry, the partnership will streamline candidate sourcing. 

Tenstreet is a leading provider of driver recruiting software and workflow solutions. The company has modernized recruiting in the trucking industry through its suite of recruiting applications that allow trucking carriers and private fleets to widen their applicant funnel, increase the speed of hiring, ensure compliance with trucking regulations, and improve the application experience for drivers. Tenstreet maintains a comprehensive network of over 5 million drivers and processes 17 million job applications per year for its 4,000 fleet clients. 

FASTPORT makes the apprenticeship development process easier and faster by serving as a liaison between government agencies and businesses to help create new apprenticeships, expand existing programs, and create national models for accelerated implementation.

Combining their efforts, the technology companies will provide an apprenticeship dashboard and add events to support recruiters, hiring managers, and fleet owners to attract, recruit, onboard, manage, and retain driver apprentices. The dashboard will provide an enhancement to streamline the processes necessary to maintain apprenticeship programs.

Tenstreet's CEO Tim Crawford said, "We believe technology must look to the needs of the trucking industry. The demand for apprenticeships and veteran hiring is clear and, therefore, so is the need for a way for employers to streamline their management. This partnership will give them that ability in just a few clicks."

FASTPORT President Brad Bentley agreed, adding, "The trucking industry is amplifying the apprenticeship model with hundreds of its organizations engaging in earn-and-learn model discussions with us in the past three months alone. An apprenticeship is a proven, systematic approach to training, and we are thrilled to help more employers hire future experts in the trucking industry."

About Tenstreet 

Tenstreet's platform connects carriers and drivers, making it easier to fill trucks while staying compliant. We help thousands of motor carriers and private fleets to market, recruit, onboard, manage, and retain drivers. Since 2006, millions of drivers have used Tenstreet's platform to quickly and securely apply for their next job. Tenstreet is headquartered in Tulsa, OK. Learn more at www.tenstreet.com.


FASTPORT, Inc. is a software development company that builds partnerships and digital products to accelerate businesses and launch careers. Our people and technology interact with the most productive veteran hiring initiatives in the United States.  FASTPORT is also the U.S. Department of Labor's Industry Intermediary for the Transportation sector and a part of the Centers of Excellence to support apprenticeship development and sustainability. Learn more at www.fastport.com or www.nationalapprenticeship.org.

Source: Tenstreet