US Department of Labor Retains FASTPORT to Expand on Its Multi-Year Success in Workforce Development

FASTPORT will leverage its industry relationships and technology to further advance results for transportation industry Registered Apprenticeships nationwide.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced today that FASTPORT will continue its work as its Industry Intermediary to accelerate the growth of Registered Apprenticeships across the United States. The newly announced contract award will educate, inspire, and hire military veterans and other diverse apprentices into its employer network, which currently employs about 50% of all new apprentices entering transportation careers.

Executive Director of Workforce Development and Government Relations for FASTPORT Dave Harrison said, "We are honored to continue providing our technical expertise and assistance to the transportation industry to enhance Registered Apprenticeship programs for employers by helping our network find the right resources, the right pathways to programmatic success, and the right talent to fill open positions." 

Just last year, FASTPORT announced its milestone of 20,000 apprentices hired and has consistently averaged about 300 additional apprentices onboarded per month. Similarly, the company's innovation and collaboration with the DOL during the White House Trucking Challenge accelerated employers' ability to create registered apprenticeship programs in as little as 48 hours. The streamlined results from FASTPORT's processes will allow its team to provide rapid results for both the DOL and the transportation industry. 

President of FASTPORT Brad Bentley said, "We are privileged to keep the momentum going and offer consistency for our apprenticeship network. As we move forward, FASTPORT maintains its focus on industry collaboration, both with the DOL and industry-wide associations, to ensure continued and sustainable achievement."


FASTPORT, Inc. solves America's toughest recruiting challenges through research, technology, and people. FASTPORT is also a U.S. Department of Labor Industry Intermediary and a part of the Centers of Excellence to support apprenticeship development and sustainability. For more information about FASTPORT and Registered Apprenticeships, visit or