"Tempting Fate" Producer's to Hold Movie Screenings for Interested Churches Worldwide

"Tempting Fate" is a movie that deals with the same issue we face in our daily lives. It tries to show the impact of love , betrayal and forgiveness. This movie has gotten great reviews and has helped a lot of people deal with some troubling issues in their relationships, family, place of work, and marriage.

Tempting Fate, a 2015 Christian Movie written, directed, and produced by Kevin Nwankwor, is available for church and private screenings this summer in United States, United Kingdom, Africa and all countries around the world. Seeking all interested churches in the designated areas, the Tempting Fate production crew will set up a movie screening at specified locations, host a Q&A session following the film, and meet with local communities to talk about the meaning of love, forgiveness, and, above all else, faith.

“We are encouraging all churches to jump on this incredible opportunity for showcasing real-life obstacles and how, through God, it is possible to overcome anything,” said Kevin Nwankwor. “A church movie night is a wonderfully powerful and impactful way to communicate important teachings with surrounding communities through an easy-to-view and easy to understand method. Movies inspire discussions about faith all the time – use Tempting Fate as a way to spur those important topics.”

Can anything stop you from loving your brother?

Kevin Nwankwor

Tempting Fate is a powerful tale unlike any other that truly dissects the meaning of love, betrayal, and forgiveness through a suspenseful and emotional film. A story of two very different brothers, one from a life of faith and kindness, and the other from a life of gangs and crimes, Tempting Fate illustrates the emotions, connections, and misunderstanding that results when two very different people of the same background cross paths.

A film that received many positive reviews from its debut at the 2015 Pan American Film Festival event, viewers near and far are also praising the movie for its perfectly crafted worship soundtrack. The ideal music to showcase among a church community, the Tempting Fate Soundtrack will leave all attendees emotional and connected through their love for God.

“Let us bring this movie to your church. We are willing to work with any community no matter the constraints for showcasing this important and thought provoking film.”

The Director and Producer of the film will be present at each screening to take questions directly after. The film is two hours long, and attendees should anticipate 45 minutes to an hour of questions after the screening. If church auditoriums cannot accommodate all interested viewers, the Tempting Fate crew is willing to do multiple screenings at the same location.

For more information or to sign up for this unforgettable and personal Tempting Fate screening and faith-based discussion, visit http://kevinnwankwor.com/movie-night/.

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