"Tempting Fate," a Recently Released Award-Winning Drama, Is Now Available on Christiancinema.com

"Tempting Fate" is a movie that deals with the same issue we face in our daily lives. It tries to show the impact of love , betrayal and forgiveness. This movie has gotten great reviews and has helped a lot of people deal with some troubling issues in their relationships, family, place of work, and marriage.

Tempting Fate, a 2015 Christian movie written, directed, and produced by Kevin Nwankwor, is a powerful tale unlike any other that truly dissects the meaning of love, betrayal, and forgiveness through a suspenseful and emotional film. A story of two very different brothers, one from a life of faith and kindness, and the other from a life of gangs and crimes, Tempting Fate illustrates the emotions, connections, and misunderstanding that results when two very different people of the same background cross paths.

The film stars top notch talent like Ramsey Nouah, Dan Davies, and John Vogel. First premiered in 2015 at the Pan American Film Festival and the USA Indie Fest, the movie has been met with widespread support and acclaim from viewers of all backgrounds. Produced from powerful and active Christians, themes of redemption, forgiveness, and salvation are interwoven throughout the movie’s scenes.

The movie features a captivating story line.

Edwin L. Carpenter, Dove Foundation

“Christianity is based on the founding principles of kindness, love, and above all, forgiveness,” said Kevin Nwankwor. “We know how hard it can be sometimes to forgive others for their wrongs against us, and Tempting Fate takes an in-depth look at this struggle and how difficult it can be to overcome it. We took special care to interweave Christian principles in this movie and especially through the production of our soundtrack.”

Tempting Fate is now available for renting and purchase on ChristianCinema.com. A movie platform dedicated to showcasing the very best Christian productions for believers worldwide, ChristianCinema.com is a premiere movie display website home to all moving Christian films of the last century.

“We are very excited to have our labor of love available for purchase on such an important movie platform,” said Kevin Nwankwor. “We want this movie to be available for anyone interested in watching a story that explores hardships, redemption, betrayal, and forgiveness. A perfect story for anyone going through something hard in the moment, Tempting Fate will bring you through it by harnessing the Christian faith.”

Joining the ranks of Fireproof Your Marriage, Courageous, War Room, and movies by Tyler Perry and T.D Jakes, Tempting Fate is the next installment in important Christian movies worth sharing with churches, schools, and all those searching for a Christian light.

For more information, or to rent or purchase the prolific film at incredibly low prices today, visit: http://www.christiancinema.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=6831.

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