Technology Training Corporation Announces 'UAS East for DoD and Government' November 15-16 2018

Unmanned Aircraft Systems East for DoD and Government

Unmanned Aircraft Systems East for DoD and Government

Technology Training Corporation (, an icon in the aerospace industry for more than forty years, will hold their UAS East 2018 Technical Symposium Nov. 15-16 in Arlington, VA. This outstanding program agenda establishes a dedicated platform for Government, DoD, and Industry providing over 20 UAS subject matter experts presenting the future of UAS Plans, Capabilities, Needs and Requirements from DoD, Government and the Opportunities for Industry. 

Guest Speakers Presenting the rapidly evolving Unmanned Aircraft technologies needs, capabilities and requirements including:

Emerging UAS DoD and Government Needs, Requirements & Capabilities from: USAF, US Army, NGA, NAVAIR, HQMC, Office of Naval Intelligence and many others briefing to the audience.

Technical briefings to include:

Major DoD & Government Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program Updates and Emerging Platforms Needs, Capabilities, & Opportunities from Industry to participate

National Airspace - Detect & Avoid and Counter UAS

Cutting-Edge Mission Opportunities and Updates Within Homeland Security

Customs & Border Protection, Tactical Commons, Maritime Security, and FAA Update Rules & Regulations


Would you like to be an Exhibitor at this symposium? Host a breakfast, sponsor a lunch or beverage break or reception? 

Please contact Bradford Barrett, Executive Director & UAS Program Manager, 310-320-8110 or to find out how your organization can participate and to receive an Exhibitor Kit.

Confirmed UAS EAST 2018 Speakers:


JOHN VONA, Chief, Information Superiority, Division, Plans, Programs and Requirements Directorate, Air Combat Command


JON DAMUSH, Chief Growth Officer, Insitu

KEVIN JOHNSON, Chief, Requirements and Analysis Division ISR Operations Directorate, OUSD(I) and  JOHN "MIKE" STAMP, ISR Analyst, Redhorse Corporation

JOSEPH SMITH, Acting Director, Warfighter Support Office (TAW), IT Services Directorate, (T), National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, (NGA)

COLONEL MIKE DEMIRJIAN, USA, Director, TRADOC, Capabilities Manager, UAS, US Army Aviation Center of Excellence, Recon/Attack

COLONEL JEREMY FIELDS, USAF, Chief, Reconnaissance Operations, A2XO

LTC DAVID BENJAMIN, USA, Medium Altitude Endurance Product Manager, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Program Executive Office, U.S. Army Aviation, Redstone Arsenal

LTC DAVID GRIFFIN, USA, Rapid Integration and Acceptance Center (RIAC)

MATTHEW SOUTH, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Unmanned Systems IPT Lead

MAJOR CHASE "MILK TOAST" THOMPSON, USMC, UAS Capabilities Integration Officer, HQMC Capabilities Development & Integration


COLONEL (USAF-RET) STEPHEN “LUX” LUXION, Executive Director, ASSURE FAA Center of Excellence for UAS, Mississippi State University

COLONEL (USAF-ret) CHRIS PEHRSON, Vice President, Strategic Development, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

DR. JAVID BAYANDOR, Founder and Director, CRashworthiness for Aerospace Structures and Hybrids (CRASH) Lab, Dept of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University at Buffalo - The State University of New York, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University at Buffalo - The State University of New York

OLEG VORNIK, Chief Executive Officer, DroneShield 

CHUCK GASSERT, Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E), Global ISR Knowledge Management Integrated Projects Team Chair, Office of Naval Intelligence Liaison, for PMW-120

LT COL (USAF-ret) PETER “PEPE” LEHEW, Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. Senior Consultant to AFRL Center for Rapid Innovation

PAUL G. STANKIEWICZ, Force Projection, Sector, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

DR. HANS MUMM, Victory Systems, Author & Entrepreneur, Futurist and Former Army Intelligence Officer 

DAVE PETERSON, President & CEO, Fenix Group, Inc.

DR. ROBERT WALTERS, Senior Scientist, Packet Digital

Source: Technology Training Corporation (TTC)


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