Talk2Me Technology Showcases Dragon Medical One 5.0 Release in Canada

Talk2Me Technology will be showcasing Nuance's Dragon® Medical One cloud-based, speech-to-text software—just released in Canada—at the upcoming Family Medicine Forum at the Vancouver Convention Center, Oct. 30 through Nov. 2, 2019

Talk2Me Technology, the trusted source for exceptional dictation solutions for clients all across Canada, introduces Dragon Medical One to the Canadian market. Cloud-based, portable and driven by next-gen speech technology, Dragon Medical One is 45% faster than typing alone. It offers physicians enhanced freedom and accuracy, with fully-customizable speech recognition that's user-friendly, scalable, and easily integrated with today's most popular Microsoft® Windows®-based applications and devices.

Dragon Medical One 5.0: Essential Features

●      Convenient, Consistent Performance, Backed by the Cloud: With custom vocabularies, easy-to-use templates, and a single-voice profile—all backed up on the cloud for security and easy access—Dragon Medical One is always available across unlimited Windows® devices and applications.

●      Powerful Speech Recognition Powered by Artificial Intelligence. Users capture up to 20% more relevant content, whether they're taking notes or documenting patient stories. Automatic microphone calibration, support for regional accents, and adaptive speech recognition that increases accuracy over time let clinicians focus on their work instead of a learning curve.

●      Security, Accuracy, and Speed: All speech data is processed using TLS protocols and 256-bit encryption on geographically dispersed, redundant servers that boast 99.5% uptime. The result? Reliable access to secure, complete, and accurate dictation and speech recognition, both in the office and on the go—and without the need for profile training.

●      Lower IT Demand: Remote processing of speech data cuts user costs for local IT hardware, software and support. Automatic updates give every user immediate access to the latest features and security upgrades wherever they use Dragon Medical One.

●      Free PowerMic™ Mobile App: Physicians using an iPhone or Android smartphone can transform their device into a portable input device used in conjunction with Dragon Medical One. They enjoy the same access to Dragon Medical One's custom profiles and next-gen speech recognition without the need for additional hardware.

Physicians across Canada can now greatly benefit from the new features and functionality of Dragon Medical One, including unlimited activations, mobile-friendly input options, and on-demand dictation with just a few clicks on any Microsoft Windows-based computer. Entering speech data is as easy as clicking into a text window and dictating.

Dragon Medical One transforms physicians' workflows through:

●      Accurate, fast and complete patient documentation, almost anywhere.

●      Substantial productivity gains through workflow optimization and elimination of redundant processes.

●      Reduced or eliminated transcription costs, hardware and IT support costs.

●      Consistent, convenient and customizable user experience without any activation limits.

●      Scalable, stress-free performance that reduces burnout, improves documentation and supports a better environment and experience for providers.

Those interested in learning more about improving their productivity with Dragon Medical One's cloud-based medical speech recognition are invited to visit Booth 25 at the Family Medicine Forum, visit, or contact for more information.

About Talk2Me Technology

Offering superior dictation solutions to customers across Canada since 1946, Talk2Me Technology has a long history of helping busy medical professionals capture their words more quickly, efficiently, and effectively. A valued Dragon® Reseller since 1991, Talk2Me Technology provides the very best in speech recognition tools and software, along with top-notch training and support from dictation experts. Visit for more information.

Source: Talk2Me Technology