Computers Made Effective Offers Dragon Medical One 5.0 Rollover

Computers Made Effective is now offering current users of Dragon® Medical Practice Edition a chance to rollover into cloud-based speech recognition software, Dragon Medical One

Computers Made Effective

Computers Made Effective—leading experts in customized dictation solutions for physicians across the United States—announces an opportunity for physicians currently using Nuance Dragon® Medical Practice Edition to rollover their speech recognition and dictation platform to Dragon Medical One. The leading cloud-based solution for medical dictation and speech recognition, Dragon Medical One brings enhanced portability and power to information management. Clinicians using Dragon Medical One work up to 45% faster than those relying on typing alone and enjoy faster, more accurate, and fully customizable speech recognition that scales across platforms, applications and devices.

 Key Features of Dragon Medical One 5.0

●     Consistent, Cloud-based Convenience: Dragon Medical One lets users create a single-voice profile that's backed up on the cloud for easy access from unlimited devices and applications. Physicians can rely on accurate, convenient speech recognition everywhere they go, with fully customizable vocabularies, auto-texts and commands that travel with the user.

●     A Free PowerMic™ Mobile App: Physicians can easily dictate or record directly into Dragon Medical One on their personal mobile devices. Users enjoy customizable, mobile-friendly performance and efficiency while still spending less on hardware and software.

●     Accurate, Reliable and Secure Speech Recognition: Geographically dispersed and redundant data centers—all with guaranteed 99.5% uptime—process all speech data using TLS protocols and 256-bit encryption. Clinicians have mobile-friendly and reliable access to secure, best-in-class dictation and speech recognition.

●     Automatic Software Updates: Users experience less clinician downtime, higher productivity and immediate access to the latest features. Every device is automatically updated for every user, improving both user and patient experiences while maintaining a high quality of data capture.

●     Smaller IT Footprint: Remote speech data processing reduces demand for IT infrastructure, hardware and software. User-friendly, cloud-based installation reduces both user frustration and the need for extended IT staff and support.

Dragon Medical One gives physicians true freedom from the limitations of legacy speech recognition. With on-demand, fully mobile and completely unlimited dictation and information control, Dragon Medical One can be easily installed on any Microsoft® Windows®-based workstation or laptop. Users can simply point and click to enter speech data into a wide range of EHR/EMR software, the Microsoft Office® suite, or Web-based applications.

Caregivers using Dragon Medical One benefit from:

●     Faster, more efficient and highly accurate patient documentation

●     Reduced or eliminated transcription costs

●     Improved productivity through process optimization and elimination of redundant workflows

●     Zero per-device limits with a consistent, fully customizable user experience across devices and applications

●     Affordable and scalable speech recognition that grows with demand

Computers Made Effective joins Nuance in encouraging current users of Dragon Medical Practice Edition to roll over to Dragon Medical One. For complete information on how Dragon Medical One's cloud-based medical speech recognition can improve the efficacy and efficiency of dictation and data management, please visit

About Computers Made Effective

Since the 1990s, the experts at Computers Made Effective have made it their mission to provide complete customized speech recognition and dictation solutions to U.S. medical professionals at practices of all sizes. A trusted Nuance Elite Partner, Computers Made Effective combines the latest speech recognition tools and software with a service-oriented approach that's designed to meet every customer's specific needs. Visit or call 866-977-3324 for full details.

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