BRED Agency Partners With Dental Surgeon to Help Dentists Save Time and Money With Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4

BRED Agency LLC is pleased to promote the newly released Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 to the dental community at the AAE 2018 Show

BRED is excited to announce that Dr. Aaron McCann, DDS, an endodontic specialist from western New York, has partnered with the company. Dr. McCann, who began as a client, will be the new Chief Dental Officer (CDO) of BRED Agency. Dr. Aaron will help lead BRED's team with his vast knowledge and experience, determination and tremendous attitude to revamp and enhance the dental industry. He is excited to help change many more lives through cutting-edge dental technology like Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.

BRED is excited to be featuring this incredible speech technology next week at the 2018 Annual Meeting for the American Association of Endodontics (AAE 2018), in Denver, Colorado, April 25-28. BRED will be at Booth #100. Learn more from our exhibitor page link on the AAE 2018 website right here:  

BRED's resolve to continue the positive growth and advancement of the dental technology market is visionary. They have a unique way of approaching digital dentistry by focusing on adding value for dentists by quickly helping them increase and solidify their patient workflow.

Dr. Aaron McCann, DDS, Chief Dental Officer

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 boasts Deep Learning Technology to learn and adapt to unique voice and environment variations to continuously improve dictation. Ideal for the dental industry, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 offers:

  • Superior Transcription
  • 99 Percent Accuracy Out-of-the-Box
  • Optimized for Portable Touchscreens
  • Easy Setup
  • Built-In Medical Vocabulary

By using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, dentists and their staff can now save more time by dictating hands-free, as opposed to typing all day. This cutting-edge speech technology delivers second-to-none performance and empowers dentists to complete treatment plans and documentation more efficiently than ever before. The new release of Nuance's industry-leading clinical speech recognition is one of the fastest and smartest ways for productive dentists to document care.

Dr. McCann stated, "BRED's resolve to continue the positive growth and advancement of the dental technology market is visionary. They have a unique way of approaching digital dentistry by focusing on adding value for dentists by quickly helping them increase and solidify their patient workflow."

BRED believes that time is more important than money because people can never get it back. They also believe that working smart is just as important as working hard. BRED’s philosophy is: having more time and more money is a much better way to pursue goals more effectively. This idea is shown through BRED’s website, where visitors will find a quote from the accomplished Thomas Edison: "Time is really the only capital that any human has and the thing he can least afford to waste or lose."

The team at BRED realizes that a dentist's valued dental patients are also valuable customers. They help dentists make more money promptly so that acquiring all of the necessary digital dental technology is easier, fun and accomplished with peace of mind. BRED (Business Relationships Enterprise Development) is the Digital Marketing & Dental Technology Solution. From the beginning, BRED exclusively teamed up and partnered with AccelerateNow Digital Marketing to help clients dominate their geography online by generating and converting results through the content-rich Digital Domination. This is much more than marketing. It is an extremely consultative program featuring tracked ROI data analytics to ensure their clients' business grows affluently and fast. 

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