"Taiwan Food Festival" at H Mart in Edison, New Jersey, June 10th to 16th

Enjoy Gourmet Taiwanese Foods at H Mart

​​To encourage trade for food products between Taiwan and the U.S. and to promote Taiwan’s high quality food products, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), sponsored by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA will collaborate with one of the most major supermarket chain groups in North America, H Mart, from 6/10 to 6/16, four locations including Edison, NJ, Burlington, MA, Plano, TX, and Diamond Bar, LA will join the event. The grand opening of “Taiwan Food Festival” was held on 6/10 at 10:30 am at H Mart’s Edison, NJ location.

Guests attending the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony include Deputy Director General Franklin F.Y. Chen of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York (TECO), Director Chia-Yuh Ling of Investment and Trade Office, Director Frank Su of Taiwan Trade Center New York, H Mart Group’s global procurement center Grand BK’s President Brian Kown, Vice President Hyun Sik Sohn, Senior Sales Manager Seung Ju Jung, New Jersey Regional Manager Sang Hyun Nam, and Edison, NJ's Store Manager Kuk Jin Kwon. In addition, President James Chung from New Jersey Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (NJTCC), Commissioner William Chiang of Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, and local food industry firms will also attend the grand opening ceremony.

Participating Taiwanese brands present a wide range of products that fall into four categories: frozen food, sauces, beverages, and snacks. The main frozen food brands include Longfeng (frozen buns, steamed bread, pancakes), I-Mei (scallion pancakes, oriental pancakes), Poki Soda Pop Ice Bar, and Yaa-Fang Ice Bars (strawberry, mango, red bean & jelly, litchi jelly, chocolate mint), etc. Sauces include Kamlan soy sauce (samg chau, lau chau, soy paste) and Red Label rice wine. Beverages include Apple Sidra, HeySong Sarsaparilla, and Shih-Chuan Vinegar Drink (plum, apple, peach, pineapple, grape). Snacks and biscuits is the most diverse category; products include San Shu Gong’s “Snow Lover” Series (pineapple, green tea, kumquat, durian, guyabano), E G Sain’s honey cakes (Alishan tea, mocha coffee, minsyong pineapple, longan honey), ABC Jelly cups, Luyao Ecology Dry Mushrooms (mushrooms and mushroom cookies), Tai Ting’s Nishiki Kawa (sesame, mocha, peanut mochi), Triko Foods Co and A Sha Noodles Series, etc. These brands reflect Taiwanese food products’ rich and diverse nature.

H Mart was established in 1982 in Woodside, Queens in New York, and currently has 51 chain stores across the U.S. This year, it will open 12 more new stores, which further connects Asian food products to North American market. “Taiwan Food Festival” not only highlights Taiwanese products, but also allows attendees to experience Taiwanese food culture and its specialty products. This event will no doubt attract more American consumers to choose Taiwanese products and will also increase visibility of Taiwanese products internationally.    

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