Picturesque Zhejiang Shines Across the Ocean Thanks to Zhejiang Cultural Tourism

The 2019 Beautiful China, Picturesque Zhejiang (US) Cultural Tourism Promotional Event Series by Zhejiang Cultural Tourism Came to a Successful Conclusion


“It is without a doubt the finest and most splendid city in the world. There are so many delightful things that people feel as if they are in heaven.” More than 700 years ago, traveler Marco Polo wrote such sentences when he was traveling in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Since then, Hangzhou City has become world famous as a "Paradise on Earth," and Zhejiang Cultural Tourism was able to share its beauty and culture at the 2019 Beautiful China, Picturesque Zhejiang (US) Cultural Tourism Promotional Event in New York.

The beauty of Zhejiang is the beauty of its mountains and rivers, the beauty of life, the beauty of accumulation and the beauty of humanity. The unique natural environment and profound history created the beautiful natural and human landscape of Zhejiang. On July 6, 2019, at the 47th Session of the World Heritage Committee, the Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City of Zhejiang was added to the World Heritage List, which represents the recognition of China’s 5000-year history of civilization by the international history community.

Zhejiang belongs not only to China but also to the world. On August 14, the Beautiful China, Picturesque Zhejiang New York Promotional Event was held in Manhattan, New York City. Over 130 people attended the promotional event, including Yuquan Diao, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Markly Wilson, Director of Global Marketing, New York State Division of Tourism, Elizabeth Chin, President of PATA New York Branch, Peggy Murphy, Executive Vice President of USTOA, United Nations Committee of Economic Development representatives, New York City Tourism Bureau representatives, other leaders and representatives from the U.S. tourism industry, the media, and the representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs.

During the event, Mr. Yuquan Diao and Ms. Elizabeth Chin delivered speeches on behalf of both parties, respectively. Deputy Director Yuquan Diao mentioned in his speech that Zhejiang and the United States have different natural landscapes and different cultural traditions, but there is a great scope for cultural and tourism cooperation, and Zhejiang is ready to further deepen the exchanges and cooperation between both sides in cultural tourism and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the cultural and tourism industries.

In this promotional event, the promotional videos and seamless performances curated by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism presented to the guests a long scroll of natural and human landscapes full of Zhejiang’s characteristics and poetic conceptions. In addition, this event set up a beautiful photo exhibition, a fine crafts exhibition, and an interactive tea ceremony display area. It showcased the essence of Zhejiang’s nature and culture so that visitors could understand Zhajiang’s unique natural environment and colorful folk culture in a short period of time.

On August 16, the Zhejiang cultural tourism experience event, “Time Travel and See Zhejiang,” was held in Harvard Square, whose cultural atmosphere was the strongest in Boston. Its innovative exhibition style, exquisite graphic and text display and exciting live experience activities attracted hundreds of visitors who participated spontaneously and voluntarily reposted activity-related social media content, greatly increasing the exposure of the event. After his visit, Mr. David O’Donnell, Director of Strategic Communication of the Boston Convention and Visitor Center, expressed his acknowledgment and appreciation for the event.

Zhejiang Province and the United States have a long history of cooperation and exchange in the field of culture and tourism. The series of promotional events will further improve the popularity and influence of the Beautiful China, Picturesque Zhejiang cultural tourism brand in the United States and promote the cooperation and exchanges between the Zhejiang Province and the United States in the field of culture and tourism.

Participants in this event included Rufu Chen, Deputy Director of Division of Technology and Education, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Bing Liang, Associate Investigator of Division of International Exchange and Cooperation, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and Xingwang Wu, Deputy Director of Jinhua City Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism.

Source: Zhejiang Cultural Tourism


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