Tactio Adds a Complete COVID-19 Program to Its Tactio Care Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Platforms in North America and Europe to Support Hospital Bed Capacity Management

In response to the global coronavirus outbreak, Tactio Health has developed a COVID-19 Program that allows physicians to monitor, engage and communicate with medium-risk patients in the comfort and safety of their home, saving bed capacity for high-risk patients.

Tactio COVID-19 Program Ready

​​​​​During the COVID-19 outbreak, Tactio Care can help hospitals preserve bed capacity for the high-risk patients with the use of a comprehensive COVID-19 Program designed for medium-risk patients that are provided care at home through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Among the new core features of the program are remote-monitoring capabilities, such as COVID-19 symptoms questionnaire, body temperature tracker, respiratory rate tracker, clinical alerting and secured messaging.

​Patients receiving a positive COVID-19 test are stratified in three risk levels, Low, Medium and High.

  • Low-Risk patients can usually be sent home and quarantined with the recommendation for self-care and instructed to call back if their condition or symptoms worsen.​
  • Medium-Risk patients are also sent home and self- quarantined to permit the hospital to preserve bed capacity for high-risk patients. This is where Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) really comes into play, as it allows the monitoring of these Medium-Risk patients symptoms in their home environment by collecting their health symptoms and measurements and guiding their treatment by exchanging:
    • Secured Text Messages,
    • Documents or Photos, 
    • Web Links,​
    • Video Calls.​
  • High-Risk patients are hospitalized for continuous monitoring/care in acute or ICU beds.

By mid-February, given the rapid escalation of case numbers in Europe, Tactio Health set up an Emergency Task Force (ETF) to track, prepare and respond to this unprecedented health crisis. They were able to quickly learn from their many clients in Europe how to prepare for the possible global pandemic and its effects on the USA. Their working group, comprised of pro­grammers, engineers and physicians, has worked to develop an effective care plan that allows remote tracking of low-risk and medium-risk patients.  

Facilitating communication between quarantined people and healthcare providers, patients infected with COVID-19 are being monitored with the Tactio Care RPM platform in the safety of their homes. Tactio Care remote-monitoring technology and analytics are providing healthcare professionals involved in the COVID-19 program with clinical-decision support to help early identification and day-to-day monitoring of any physiological changes that could indicate deterioration and in order to enable earlier interventions for better outcomes.

‘‘In the current crisis, we are proud to service and support our client’s requests worldwide with their need for RPM technology. Indeed, our Tactio Care platform can help preserve hospital bed capacity for the High-Risk patients with the addition of a comprehensive COVID-19 Program for all Medium-Risk patients in quarantine that can be provided care outside of clinical settings,’’ says Michel Nadeau, P.Eng., CEO of Tactio Health Group. 

The COVID-19 Program was developed according to the latest information available from official health authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Health Canada, in addition to interactive reviews with the clinicians that they service and their medical board. 

As a leader in digital health solutions, Tactio Health has taken actions to support their valued customers and patients. Reach out to sales@tactiohealth.com for the next steps for your healthcare organization to use their COVID-19 Care Plan in your protocols. It is available today in English, French and Spanish as a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) in Canada and the USA and later this week in Europe in English, French, Spanish and Swedish.

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Martin Leclerc, Director of Sales


Michel Nadeau, CEO

Source: Tactio Health

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