tab32 Launches Tele-Dentistry Platform

Teledentistry Work Flow

Every 14 seconds, in the U.S alone, someone visits a hospital Emergency Room with an emergency dental condition. These dental problems are in the top three for avoidable E.R. visits, and #2 reasons for 20-39-year-old adults visiting the E.R. Unfortunately, E.R.s are not equipped to handle dental emergencies.

It is estimated that 1.65 million dental E.R. visits can be diverted to out-of-hospital settings annually. 

In an effort to reduce the virus spread and support the hospitals and emergency care centers during this pandemic, tab32 announces the release of a new tele-dentistry platform. The platform is an end-to-end solution, allowing patients to book an appointment online, have a secure and HIPAA compliant video chat with their provider and insurance billing for provider reimbursement.

tab32 is partnering with its existing provider network, insurance payers, along with many solo dentists and DSO providers, across the U.S., to assist in reducing E.R. burden due to dental emergencies.

The platform will allow dental service providers to take first-hand emergency phone or video calls from home, their clinic or any safe remote locations to diagnose the conditions. This reduces E.R.s' burden and the risk of personal COVID-19 exposure before being seen in-person.

The video chat is mobile-friendly allowing patients to virtually chat with their dentists from any device, anywhere. It is 100% HIPAA compliant and secure. tab32’s Teledent, allows doctors to communicate with existing patients, qualify new patients and determine “emergency status.” 

The booking module allows patients to securely add emergency notes to their virtual appointment for review prior to the appointment. 

Why Must Providers Start Tele-Dentistry Today?

  • Dental Insurances are reimbursing for emergency tele-dental services

  • Any patient can schedule the call online before coming in to reduce virus exposure risk

  • Non-clinical staff can work from home to also reduce the risk

Most dental businesses will have to adapt to new changes irrespective of single, group or DSOs. Tele-dentistry enhances the patient's engagement and experience. It helps develop brand and reputation while adding additional revenue sources for patient acquisition. 

tab32 is the industry's #1 patient first cloud dental electronic health record software (Dental EHR) and Dental Practice Management System (Dental PMS). 

The tab32 platform sits on Google's truly cloud-based infrastructure and is developed within Google’s technology stack. 

Source: tab32