tab32 Launches Dental Emergency Video Calling Platform With Its Nationwide Dental Provider Network. It Will Be One of the Largest Video Consulting Platform for #DentalER. ​


tab32 announces the first-ever toothache emergency lead generator for dentists, Every 14 seconds a new dental patient visits an emergency room. The majority of these cases can be seen in the office. These dental problems are in the top three for avoidable E.R. visits, and the #2 reasons for 20-39-year-old adults visiting the E.R. Unfortunately, E.R.’s are not equipped to handle dental emergencies.

It is estimated that 1.65 million dental E.R. visits can be diverted to out-of-hospital settings annually.’s developer, tab32, is dentistry’s largest teledentistry platform and #1 rated cloud-based practice management platform. tab32 partners with its existing provider network, insurance payers, along with many solo dentists and DSO providers, across the U.S., to assist in reducing E.R. burden due to dental emergencies. is free for all providers and functions as not only a lead generator of emergency care patients but also a practice builder. It is available for patients seeking second opinions, cosmetic care and recare needs. 

Google reports that the “keyword” dentist near me is typed in one million times a day. 

According to the American Dental Association, only 50% of Americans go to their suggested twice annually hygiene appointment. Additionally, patient attrition is on the rise; the average practice loses 20-30% of their patient base annually.  This is creating a hole in the market that mobile practices are eager to fill. Mobile dentistry is a new segment of dentistry that requires a heightened ability to provide health-care efficiently across multiple locations while managed remotely. tab32 is a unique cloud-based technology designed specifically to help dental. 

Up until recently, the dental industry’s technology has been a 1990s throwback. Most dentists are chained to clunky servers while bandaging several business solutions together. These single-tenant solutions result in computing slowness, outdated workflows and uncomfortable UX designs...think web-based applications or cell phones built 10+ years ago.

tab32 is one of the few, if the only, technology solutions for the dental industry designed to withstand the rapid technology changes coming to health care.  

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