SYNQ3 Partners With PAR Technology to Deliver End-to-End AI Ordering for Off-Premises and QSR Drive-Thru

Autonomous AI voice ordering will radically enhance the drive-thru and off-premises experience.

Drive-Thru Automated Ordering

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions, a restaurant technology and innovations company, announced today its new partnership with PAR™  Technology, a leading global provider of software, systems and service solutions to the restaurant and retail industries, to revolutionize the enterprise QSR drive-thru experience and off-premises restaurant ordering. 

The partnership provides restaurant brands with a fully integrated order capture solution that leverages SYNQ3's 100% autonomous AI voice ordering solution, SYNQ Voice, with PAR's best-in-class solutions, including Brink® point-of-sale, Punchh® loyalty and G5 drive-thru audio system. SYNQ Voice also integrates with order confirmation boards to provide restaurants with a visual interface of orders as they are being placed - which improves accuracy, decreases wait times and provides intelligent upselling. The combined offering will allow QSR drive-thru brands to deploy a far more cohesive technology suite with world-class hardware alongside a proven AI ordering solution that optimizes operations, increases profitability and enhances the guest experience. 

SYNQ3 CEO, and longtime drive-thru pioneer, Steve Bigari said, "PAR Technology is an iconic restaurant technology provider. This partnership will transform drive-thru and off-premises ordering through the integration of autonomous AI voice ordering, faster deployment of solutions to market and a phenomenal guest experience." 

"Every minute matters for restaurants serving their guests, especially in the drive-thru, making the technology they use mission critical," said Savneet Singh, CEO and President of PAR Technology. "We are committed to helping restaurants elevate the experience for their customers with best-in-class technology. This partnership is another example of doing just that." 

The fusion of SYNQ Voice AI with PAR's solutions provides enterprise restaurant brands with undeniable speed-to-market, support and profit-driven results. PAR's comprehensive suite of innovative solutions provides a unified approach to simplify operations and drive customer loyalty. For restaurants using SYNQ Voice AI in the drive-thru, over 95% of drive-thru orders can be taken without internal staff involvement - further optimizing operations and increasing peak throughput potential. Together, PAR and SYNQ3's technologies provide QSR drive-thru brands with a robust technology platform that can be deployed quickly and at scale, while being fully supported in the field and future-proof.

About SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions is a restaurant technology and innovations company that synchronizes people, process, and technology to enhance ordering, improve guest experiences, and increase restaurant sales and profits. With billions of dollars in restaurant orders processed, SYNQ3 has deployed its autonomous SYNQ Voice automation for drive-thru and off-premise ordering to nearly 10,000 restaurant locations, more than all other voice AI companies combined. With a passion for innovation, the SYNQ3 team continues to reimagine and transform the guest experience for the restaurant industry. 

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About PAR Technology

For more than 40 years, PAR Technology Corporation's (NYSE: PAR) cutting-edge products and services have helped bold and passionate restaurant brands build lasting guest relationships. We are the partner enterprise restaurants rely on when they need to serve amazing moments from open to close, during the most hectic rush hours, and when the world forces them to adapt and overcome. 100,000+ restaurants in more than 110 countries use PAR's restaurant point-of-sale, digital ordering, loyalty, and back-office software solutions as well as industry leading hardware and drive-thru offerings.

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About SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions

SYNQ3 is the premier provider for restaurant automation, technology, and off-premise solutions. The company has processed billions in restaurant sales for thousands of restaurant locations and numerous marquee restaurant brands across the U.S.

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