Automation Company Aids Nationwide Restaurants With Takeout-Ordering Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions, with the help of CenturyLink, is currently processing 100,000-plus calls daily, a 200 percent increase as restaurants have moved to takeout-only services, and they are hiring furloughed workers

​​​​​​As more local and state governments mandate restaurants move to carryout and delivery only, some restaurants are helping customers by enabling essential takeout technology. According to SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions, a tech company that provides takeout-ordering automation and human-hybrid solutions, all of its restaurant partners are experiencing significant spikes in off-premise business.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak started impacting U.S. restaurants, SYNQ3 has seen a 200-percent increase in restaurant calls, CEO Steve Bigari said. The company is currently processing more than 100,000 calls daily. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to help our restaurant partners continue to provide food for their customers during this unprecedented and challenging time,” he said.

SYNQ3 services more than 30 nationwide brands representing thousands of locations. Keeping up with the network and system demands has not been a small task, Bigari said. He noted that SYNQ3's partners at CenturyLink have played a critical role in helping them manage the surge in business. CenturyLink provides an enterprise-grade voice and data network for SYNQ3 that allows for dynamic routing and load-balancing to handle the large influx of calls.

To assist SYNQ3 in meeting its customer demands, CenturyLink took immediate and quick action to provide additional capacity for voice and data network services to help process the increased phone orders for its restaurant clients throughout the U.S. Importantly, the efforts also help SYNQ3 customers maintain the quality of their existing service as the number of users increase. CenturyLink has been working with partners and clients across the globe to upgrade and enhance network capabilities during this unprecedented event.

“CenturyLink is a technology company experienced in retail communications and our expertise helps simplify complex systems for businesses,” said Monica Walton, CenturyLink vice president and general manager for Colorado. “CenturyLink has been able to immediately increase network capacity and voice services to help SYNQ3 deliver on their efforts to keep their customers connected throughout the United States. We are delivering capabilities to keep businesses operating and we are proud to partner with SYNQ3 in their work to keep the essential takeout and delivery business connected.”

A large percentage of SYNQ3’s workforce are telecommuters, so keeping the system up and running is critical. CenturyLink’s global broadband network has proven to be essential in providing the connectivity necessary for SYNQ3’s workforce. Employees have been able to continue working from home despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

By teaming up people with technology, SYNQ3’s solutions provide seamless, simple ordering. SYNQ3’s full-service automation offers an advanced artificial intelligence, backed by humans that greets guests and secures their orders. To ensure the highest-quality experience and to ensure guests always have the option to interact with the AI or not, SYNQ3 employs hundreds of ordering specialists to manage quality control, assist automation and take orders.

With the current increase in takeout business, the company needs additional help. In an effort to support the industry and the people who make the business possible, SYNQ3 started hiring furloughed restaurant employees. “The only way to successfully make it through this crisis is together,” Bigari said.  

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Source: SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions