Strosion Set To Launch The Revolutionary Push-Up Trainer Grips, The Vsique, on Kickstarter in March

The VsiqueTM product line promises to bring innovative solutions to help busy individuals develop daily exercise routines at home, the office, or while traveling

The patent-pending VsiqueTM Push-Up Grips will revolutionize the way we exercise by providing an easy and comfortable fitness platform for beginners, athletes, and more importantly, busy individuals who struggle to make exercise a daily habit. The Vsique will launch on Kickstarter March 1, 2022 with savings up to 67% on a limited quantity for Early Bird Specials.

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The Vsique's unique versatility allows users to perfect push-up techniques at home, the office, while traveling; practically anywhere with a 90 degree edge surface like countertops, benches, or any other stable elevated surfaces. The Vsique is ergonomically designed to virtually eliminate wrist pain and discomfort, handmade from all-natural premium biodegradable materials with no metal or plastic, and is lightweight and compact so as to allow you to workout on your time, anywhere.

"I am pleased how The Vsique has evolved into a viable option for promoting health and fitness for beginners and busy individuals," explains Nizar Azzam, inventor of The Vsique. "Developing and maintaining a daily exercise routine is a big challenge." He adds, "The Vsique solves this problem with its innovative ergonomic design where doing 100 daily countertop push-ups is easily within reach."

The success of the Vsique Grips inspired an early launch of the Vsique Stand which is an ideal push-up trainer for fitness and physical therapy centers, airports, corporate organizations, schools, public parks, and airports to name a few. Click Here to Learn More.

Additionally, The Vsique Workplace Program was developed to help busy individuals exercise during work hours in the office, home or when on the road. The Vsique encourages and enables performing modified Push-Ups while standing without placing a single knee on the floor! Regardless of attire. Click Here to Learn More.

Strosion welcomes partnerships to materialize various sales and marketing channels, designs and applications of The Vsique product line, additional strategic manufacturers, and Intellectual Property licensing opportunities.

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