Strosion Introduces The Vsique™ - World's First Patent-Pending Push-Up Trainer Grips Utilizing Progressive Overload

The Vsique™ product line promises to bring innovative solutions to revolutionize workouts for users of all ages and fitness levels.

Strosion introduces The VsiqueTM Grips - the world's first patent-pending wrist and joint-friendly push-up trainer utilizing Progressive Overload. The Vsique is a revolutionary push-up trainer designed to help individuals of all ages and fitness levels become healthier, fitter, and stronger - one push-up at a time. It virtually eliminates wrist and joint pain while progressively developing strength, muscles and control with its contoured design. The Vsique's unique versatility allows users to perfect push-up techniques at home, the office, while traveling, practically anywhere with surfaces like countertops, benches, or any stable elevated surfaces.  With a sleek premium wood finish, The Vsique also doubles as a mobile device stand when not in use.

The ergonomic design of The Vsique allows users to perform and perfect proper push-up techniques with ease, comfort and control. Beginners start at elevated surfaces and work their way down to the floor as they progressively develop strength, muscles and control. For advanced fitness-level users, The Vsique allows for a more targeted workout for specific muscle groups while developing the desired "V" shape. 

Encouraging user trial results were based on individuals ranging in age from 6 to 93 years old, a user going from zero push-ups to 200 push-ups a day, veterans with common training wrist pains, advanced athletes performing challenging positions, and enthusiasts doubling their push-up count.  

"The Vsique concept was born after breaking my hand," explains Nizar Azzam, inventor of The Vsique. "As part of my healing process, I envisioned a device based on my need to workout in a 'standing' position, with a palm-sized flat surface to help distribute body weight to eliminate wrist and joint pressure pains." He adds, "I needed a device to help me progressively overload, with a wide base to provide my healing hand a stable surface. So, I went to work in my garage. The first prototype was developed, and after a few weeks of use, I knew I was on to something that can help others as well."

Strosion welcomes partnerships to materialize various designs and applications of the Vsique Stand, the patent-pending commercial version of the Vsigue Grips. The Vsique Stand is an ideal push-up trainer for fitness and physical therapy centers, corporate organizations, schools, public parks, and airports to name a few.

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