Stopping Child Trafficking is Everyone's Job, Says More Too Life Founder

More Too Life founder and former child human trafficking victim speaks out

Dr. Bello and Ashton Kutcher, actor and founder of Thorn

“Putting a stop to human trafficking has always been about prevention,” said Dr. Brook Bello, Founder of More Too Life, an Open Doors Outreach Network Provider, and the nation’s leading anti-human trafficking and victim recovery organization. As human trafficking levels increase during difficult and challenging economic periods, especially within families where children are the most vulnerable, teachers, school nurses, counselors, and other educators become the most empowered first responders as they are in the best position to identify child abuse, neglect, and trafficking.

During a recent keynote speech at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) 2019 International Conference, Dr. Bello spoke passionately on the ever-increasing human trafficking problem, offering anecdotes of her own life story and the transition from victim to survivor and thriver to champion. As part of the applause-filled speech, Bello detailed the “root causes of human trafficking” which take on many forms including child abuse, racism, domestic violence, and ignorance.

Bello’s unique first-hand understanding of how teachers assisted her journey, by providing her, and other tender aged youths with the guidance and support they require. That path to recovery was amplified when she singled out her own fifth-grade teacher who provided that necessary leadership the youngsters in today’s world need. The emotionally-charged, tear-filled speech offered encouragement to educators and teachers and was truly magnified when she said, “The taste of freedom for the first time is the taste of the depth of our human souls, and that’s what teachers give and do every day: share what was, lead us to determine what is, and give us the tools to create what will be.”

"Human Trafficking is a serious societal issue and one that all of us need to address,” said David Arkless, board chairman of More Too Life. “We can do that by supporting agencies that work on behalf of children and victims of all ages, and by making sure that we know the signs of human trafficking and what to do to prevent it.” Arkless is the former President of ManPower Group Global and a respected participant in the Davos Global Economic Summit.

Following the keynote, a group of 100 audience members attended her book signing and embraced Bello, sharing their own pain from abuse, rape, or the feeling of just being overwhelmed as they handle the daily deluge from many neglected, abused and possibly trafficked students whom they come into contact with.

“It is the responsibility of all Americans to participate in the prevention of child trafficking in their communities,” said Bello. “There are things that you can do to help children who are in danger.”

Bello provided the teachers and educators with easy to implement tools to assist them in victim identification and methods to inform and engage with law enforcement and child welfare agencies.

“These are tough times,” said Bello. “The public can help make things easier for children at risk by reporting suspected child trafficking and supporting those organizations that put children first. Child trafficking prevention is everyone's job.”

About More Too Life

More Too Life, founded in 2006 is a Voices for Florida Outreach Network provider. The organization seeks to prevent Human Trafficking, while also providing services and resources to victims in and out of foster care and at-risk youths in the state of Florida and globally. More Too Life offers survivor mentoring, mental health programs, housing, medical support, work programs and vital prevention programs alongside the Open Doors Outreach Network, providing a collective impact response to a complex problem by working with agencies in 32 counties and a multi-disciplinary framework model.

More Too Life offers a downloadable brochure that details how to prevent human trafficking, including ways the public can identify and report suspected cases of child trafficking before irretrievable damage impacts innocent children.

The Human Trafficking Prevention brochure is available via email request sent to Subject line: “Prevention Methods,” it can also be ordered by phone or mail (donate online $5.00) at to receive yours today.

You can also sign up for our quarterly newsletter by calling or emailing the address above.

About Dr. Brook Bello

Globally providing consulting, technical support and prevention framework models for youths, companies, human resource departments, law, and social services agencies. Dr. Bello is an award-winning advocate and the creator of Living Above the Noise (LATN™), a human trafficking prevention curriculum for victims and high-risk youth that encompasses technology, the internet, and digital integrity.

Bello is also the creator of two educational programs for both sex crimes violators and the violated. RJEDE™, the Restorative Justice End Demand Education program, is a prostitution, sexual violence, and human trafficking prevention education course that stimulates honor and restores the idea of empathy. RJEDE is for misdemeanor and felony offices for violators who have purchased sex and a prevention program for ages 16 to 70 years. LUYD™, Live Until You Die, is a victim recovery program for those who have been charged with prostitution. Both programs are also offered in a faith-based format to churches or temples. To learn more about these please visit

Both programs are court-appointed, required or volunteer based in Florida’s Miami/Dade County, while RJEDE is available in Sarasota and Manatee counties, and other national and global locations on request.

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Editor’s Note: Dr. Brook Parker-Bello Ph.D., is available for interviews to discuss how to recognize the warning signs of all forms of human trafficking while providing tips to men of all ages and useful tools for prevention.

For the most common signs of child trafficking, please contact More Too Life and download our free PDF from our website.

For human trafficking prevention education programs and victim recovery assistance contact More Too Life 941-227-1012 or via email.

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