Lost in Crisis: The Vulnerable Forgotten Victims of COVID-19

THE VULNERABLE FORGOTTEN VICTIMS OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC: Non-profit Victims' Advocacy Group More Too Life Unveils Vigorous Action Plan to Help Human Trafficking and Abuse Victims During Worldwide Health Crisis

David Arkless and Brook Parker Bello PH.D

​​​​Brook Parker-Bello Ph.D, founder of More Too Life Foundation, recognizes ​​​​that the country’s forgotten victims are at risk of being lost forever as the world fights to contain the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Victims of all forms of human trafficking and sexual abuse are often overlooked, shunned, and forced to live and work in dangerous, dehumanizing conditions every day. As the rate of infection from coronavirus rises uncontrollably, young girls and boys, as well as adult-age women and men with nowhere to turn are facing these potentially deadly circumstances alone, making them fair game for purveyors of human flesh.

Acclaimed non-profit organization More Too Life and its founder Dr. Brook Parker-Bello have worked tirelessly to offer programs and resources that get survivors off the streets by educating and empowering them to take back their lives. Today, More Too Life is taking decisive action to ensure the organization receives the support it needs to continue its vital work that has saved thousands of victims across the country.

Through Lost in Crisis: The Vulnerable Forgotten Victims of Covid-19 Pandemic, More Too Life outlines how local, state and national leaders can apportion the vast financial resources each state will receive from the Federal government to combat the debilitating effects of the pandemic, to assist in keeping human trafficking victims safe during this worldwide health crisis. Lost In Crisis is the first program of its kind to introduce a comprehensive strategy using up-to-date analysis of the growing COVID-19 crisis, while offering a practical solution that could save hundreds and thousands of lives. Dr. Bello, a leading expert and advocate against human trafficking and a survivor herself understands firsthand how dire the situation is. “We need help. The victims need help more than ever now,” she said. “Just as regular businesses are closing and slowing down, we need to target the underground trafficking rings that freely operate. That includes unlicensed massage parlors, which also endanger lives because there are no social-distancing safeguards in place on top of the sex-trafficking dangers. There are pimp controlled home brothels. There’s even familial sex trafficking; the selling of children and teens by family members, even to online underground porn sites. These horrors must be addressed.” Please contact us for a 60-day free access to our online human trafficking prevention program for victims and also basic cost for buyers course. In addition, to our digital online college student prevention course.

David Arkless, CEO and founder of ArkLight Consulting Ltd. and Chairman of More Too Life’s board of directors adds, “There is no safety net in place for these victims. They won’t be beneficiaries of bailouts or the government’s newly passed Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). Where do they go? What will they do? More Too Life won’t turn its back on them, but we can’t do it alone.”

Every day, we read dozens of headlines and hear news stories about young girls, boys, and women who go missing and are feared lost forever in the abyss of human trafficking. The United States is ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking. According to the latest statistics by the International Labor Organization in partnership with the International Organization of Migration, an estimated 40.3 million people were victims of modern slavery in 2016—including 24.9 million people in forced labor and 15.4 million people in forced marriage. This is an issue that Dr. Brook Parker Bello and her team at the More Too Life Foundation combat every single day.

“It is the responsibility of all Americans to participate in the prevention of child trafficking in their communities,” says Bello. “There are things that you can do to help children who are in danger.”

To schedule an interview and to learn more about “Lost in crisis: The Vulnerable Forgotten Victims of COVID-19 Pandemic” initiative or to book Dr. Brook Parker-Bello for an interview, contact Brook Parker-Bello by email: exec_a@Moretoolife.org.

If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking or abuse, contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline to connect with services and support for human trafficking survivors, or to report a tip: call 1-888-373-7888, text 233733, or chat online.

About More Too Life

More Too Life, founded in 2006 is a Voices for Florida Outreach Network provider. The organization seeks to prevent Human Trafficking, while also providing services and resources to victims in and out of foster care and at-risk youths in the state of Florida and globally. More Too Life offers survivor mentoring, mental health programs, housing, medical support, work programs and vital prevention programs alongside the Open Doors Outreach Network, providing a collective impact response to a complex problem by working with agencies in 32 counties and a multi-disciplinary framework model.

About Dr. Brook Parker-Bello

Dr. Bello, a survivor of child sexual exploitation and a staunch advocate for victims’ rights, has been featured on Fox News Channel, DailyMail TV, EWTN, CNN International, and OWN. Bello’s efforts toward completely eradicating all forms of human exploitation earned her the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama and the White House in 2016, the Advocate of the Year Award in 2017 from Florida's Attorney General Pam Bondi and that state’s Governor Rick Scott, and a coveted role as a Google Next-Gen Policy Leader. She recently traveled to the nation’s capital to serve on a Health and Human Services panel as an expert on “Trafficking in Persons”.


Source: More Too Life Foundation