Still Time to Register for "The Ultimate Summit 2016" With Shirlene Reeves Starts Thursday, February 18th

There is still time to register for Shirlene Reeves The Ultimate Summit 2016. Beginning Thursday, February 18th through Wednesday, March 2nd at 10:00 AM PDT, Shirlene will feature some amazing guest experts to help grow one's business.

​​On Thursday, February 18th, Shirlene Reeves, founder of the Guest Expert TV Training Classes, publisher of Wealthy Woman Magazine, Certified Financial Educator and Executive Producer of Maximize Your Wealth Now TV brings The Ultimate Summit 2016.  Featuring a wide array of experts from different backgrounds and experience, participants will learn about topics such as:

  • Getting through the tough times
  • How to forgive with ease
  • Losing weight after age 40
  • How to create a Win-Win 7-Figure Blueprint™​
  • ​​​​​The right way to follow up with prospects​
  • Sacred ceremony and rituals affecting one’s life and help manifest one’s dreams
  • How to have unshakable confidence
  • How to write the perfect profile for LinkedIn and Facebook for better business

From this series of interviews and presentations, participants will get to know Shirlene Reeves, a CEO with a big vision, who believes that impacting whole communities will impact the world.  Shirlene says, “I believe in lifting whole communities while lifting myself at the same time.  This way we all grow and benefit together as a large supportive foundation, making a global difference with a thriving community.  It’s what I’m here to do.”

If someone cannot attend a summit interview, the link will be emailed so the valuable information is accessible that could change one’s life in business, finance, family or lifestyle.  Want more information and future updates on the #UltimateSummit2016 updates? Sign up at

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