Announcement of June 21, 2016 Premiere Episode of the Courageous Self-Care Show

Maximize Your Wealth Now introduces Christina Marlett, creator and host of the newly launched Courageous Self-Care Web TV show announces the premier episode airing June 21, 2016 on

The Ugly Awkward Dance Show

The premier episode of the web TV series, The Courageous Self-Care Show, created and hosted by Christina Marlett, will be available for viewing worldwide on June 21, 2016 on

Christina Marlett, the Self-Care Expert, believes that self-care is the missing ingredient in many women’s lives. She used to be someone who spent most of her time running on empty.

While discovering the world of personal development, Christina realized the importance of prioritizing her own wellbeing to alleviate running on empty and feeling resentful.

In her work as a Courageous Self-Care Mentor and Speaker, Christina uses mindful movement in her ‘Ugly Awkward Dancing’ to support clients in connecting with their bodies, where so many personal answers are waiting to be discovered.

The Courageous Self-Care Show, which airs Tuesdays on Voice America TV, will explore topics such as:

1. How to Be the Best Version of “You” (vulnerability, authenticity, knowing oneself, living one’s dharma, clarity and boundaries)

2. Freedom through Forgiveness

3. Intuition and Surrender

4. Radical Responsibility

5. Conscious Consumption (of food, media, ideas, energy)

6. Growing One’s Gratitude Practice

7. Slowing Down (lingering, stillness, breaking the habit of being busy)

8. Full Self-Expression (through speaking one’s truth, asking for help, asking for what one needs, how one dresses, creative outlets)

9. Celebration and Self-Acknowledgment

10. Cultivating Youthful Energy (playfulness, pleasure-seeking, curiosity, less work, more fun)

“If you’re passionate about Courageous Self-Care you’ll love the guest experts featured on this show,” says Christina.

Want to be featured on the show and share “your” message with women worldwide? Contact Christina at

About Christina Marlett

Christina is an International Speaker, a #1 International Best-Selling Author, a Master Facilitator, a Self-Care Mentor, a regular contributor to magazines including Trifecta and Wealthy Woman, and the host of her new web TV program, “The Courageous Self-Care Show”. 

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