Shirlene Reeves, Maximize Your Wealth Now, and "The 4 Cornerstones to Successful Investing" JUNE 1st at 9 AM

Shirlene Reeves, CEO of Maximize Your Wealth Now, announces this week's show - "The 4 Cornerstones to Successful Investing" on Maximize Your Wealth now TV (WMAX.TV, on the Voice America network's #1 Empowerment Business Channel. The show airs on Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 at 9 AM in 23 countries on Web TV.

​Shirlene Reeves, CEO of Maximize Your Wealth Now, is one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the nation.  She’s the executive producer and co-host on Maximize Your Wealth Now TV, sponsored by WMAX.TV.  Her co-host, Barbara Wainwright, is CEO of Wainwright Global and has trained over 6,000 life coaches worldwide. Together they bring a relaxed, fun environment, much like The View on network programming, by bringing guest experts with important messages in business, finance, family and lifestyle that you wouldn’t learn in school or in other programming.

On Wednesday, June 1sth the show features The 4 Cornerstones to Successful Investing with Shirlene Reeves, your show host and certified financial educator  This is a fun little game that provides an easy-to-remember technique to consider BEFORE you make an investment.    Watch WMAX.TV as Shirlene teaches you how to easily evaluate your next investment choice.  Learn how to evaluate each purchase for growth, safety, protection and tax advantage. 

Also featured is Pat Butler, land tycoon and developer in Baja, California Mexico who owns more than 200,000 acres including the infamous El Dorado Ranch located in the secure little fishing village of San Felipe in Baja.  Watch as Pat shares the careful steps taken to work with the Mexican Government so outside citizens can own their own piece of ocean view property on the beautiful Sea of Cortez.  Young families and retired citizens from the United States and Canada enjoy a simple, quiet life surrounded by the shimmering ocean and majestic mountains.

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About Shirlene Reeves:

She is a Certified Financial Educator, Author, International Speaker, Executive Producer of WMAX.TV and your weekly show host.  Shirlene Reeves is also a Transformational Educator blending business, finance, and media with universal principles.  She expands your knowledge and develops your business mindset to prepare you and your company for massive visibility.

Shirlene is one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the nation with more than 25 years of financial experience.  She is the founder of the Celebrity Guest Expert TV Training Classes and CEO of Maximize Your Wealthy Now TV.

For 17 years, Shirlene was the CEO of her own company, which she bootstrapped from zero to millions, with 23,000 independent contractors working under her.

Shirlene has a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science and trained on Maui under Wayne Dyer and Ram Dass.

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Shirlene is one of only 253 Certified Financial Educators in the nation with more than 25 years of financial experience.

Shirlene Reeves
Shirlene Reeves
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