Stablepoint Rolls Out Platform to 80+ Global Cloud Hosting Locations


Stablepoint, a managed hosting provider headquartered in London, UK, has rolled out its scaled hosting platform to 84 global locations, atop public cloud providers such as Amazon and Google. Customers can now choose between locations on sign up, and instantly provision a shared or dedicated website environment from as little at £3.99 per month.

StablePoint provides cloud hosting, managed WordPress hosting, Reseller Hosting and Domain name services. Stablepoint cloud servers are located in premium cloud data centers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Ali Cloud and Digital Ocean with an option to choose providers and locations globally.

The hosting provider provides a truly remarkable hosting solution for any type of website, complex or non-complex, critical or non-critical looking to receive a fast, modern way of hosting solutions on top of AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and at an affordable cost. Since the launch in March 2019, Stablepoint now already manages and hosts over 10,000 websites and counting, including completely free unlimited migrations provided by the in-house migrations team.

Stablepoint’s support team are available 24-7, via phone, live chat or support ticket accessed through the dedicated client area.

Prior to launch, founders of Stablepoint came from a knowledgeable web hosting background, being the original founders of TSOHost, VidaHost & Speedydot. They designed the platform from the ground up to be scalable over multiple locations.

Sal Patel, founder of StablePoint, says, “Our experience in the hosting industry has taught us that efficiency comes through automation. Behind the scenes with everything we are able to, Stablepoint has automated all of the processes, that even today many hosting providers are still doing by hand. Deploying new servers, tracking malware, and even handling ‘Denial of Service attacks’; this is all handled by our advanced software and automated processes. It means our team can spend more time helping you, our clients, with the vast majority of our technical team being entirely customer-facing.”

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