A Flying Start for Fixed

​​​London based fixed.net are revolutionising the website support landscape, already off to a great start by acquiring up to 50 clients per day.

The company’s objective when they launched was to give businesses of every size access to a team of web developers and designers to make either individual website fixes and changes, or for ongoing maintenance and support on a subscription package. Fixed.net wanted to offer this for a low monthly price that all businesses could afford.

Chris Garner, who co-founded the company and leads the user experience, described why they built fixed.net: “We knew there were developers out there solely building and designing websites and the service stopped there. They simply weren't in the business of making fixes to those sites, as it's time-consuming and expensive. Our purpose is to make fixes when things go wrong, completely taking the stress away from site owners. We're essentially an in-house team of website experts for businesses of all sizes."

Within two months, fixed.net had already served 300 customers, with a range of issues: from fixing simple WordPress bugs, all the way to solving website hacks. They have already achieved an "excellent" feedback score on Trustpilot.

One customer wrote:

"The Team at Fixed.Net are without a doubt... AWESOME! I initially signed for a single task, and soon realised these guys are special! So now they manage my two most important sites, and I really couldn't be happier. So far, there has not been a single task that these lads have not been able to fix! They are not your ordinary run of the mill contractors who give you some excuse about how it's your fault that they can't fix something! They love the challenge!

"I am not a person who is easily impressed. I have used freelancers for years, and you generally have to manage them closely to get the results you want... These guys are like a guided missile, show them the problem, fire and forget!"

So, having proven the concept, what’s next for fixed? Dominic Taylor, leading the backup team, said: “It’s a really exciting time for us. We knew fixed would help businesses of all sizes when we started, but momentum has been building at a great pace. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, so we couldn’t be happier with the feedback just 2 months from launch. Some of our clients have joined us through word of mouth, so we’ve launched an affiliate scheme to give customers a kickback on any referrals. This is where we can see the business growing, with up to £40 per referral. We have a team of developers constantly improving the fixed offering, and we can’t wait for what’s next.”

As well as the launch of their affiliate scheme, fixed.net have also been working on a host of added features; including automatic security patching and a seamless way for website owners to back up their websites for free even without a subscription. To find out more contact Frederica Pulsford at freddie@fixed.net, or call fixed.net on 0300 3020 006 www.fixed.net.

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