Sportscaster And Writer Al Bernstein Dedicates Chapter In New Book To Wife's Cancer Journey At Comprehensive Cancer Centers Of Nevada

With the help of a dedicated oncologist at the Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, Connie Bernstein conquered cancer and even opened a local facility. This is her story:

Al Bernstein, author and noted boxing and sports commentator, released his latest novel titled "30 Years, 30 Undeniable Truths" in May of this year. Bernstein's book covers his highly regarded work in sports media, as well as his efforts supporting community causes. A chapter in the book called Undeniable Truth #15 shows how his passions for fighting and community care converged when his wife, Connie, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Berstein opens the most poignant chapter of his by stating; "You know you are lucky in love when your wife faces potential death better then most people face life." This statement will catch reader's attention and sets the tone for the chapter to come. His wife was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, which had spread to her liver, back, pelvis and ovaries. This diagnosis was tough for Connie to hear, but instead of letting it get her down, she wanted to make a difference out of her cancer experience and invoke change.

Al Bernstein joined his wife Connie in supporting her mission to help other cancer patients, partially women, to still feel beautiful regardless of this current health condition. Connie pitched her idea to one of her oncologists at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada named Dr. Mary Ann Allison. The pitch was perfect timing because Dr. Allison had a similar idea of her own to help cancer patients. Together, Dr. Allison and Connie worked toward their unified goal and launched a non-profit, opening a facility that would offer support groups, a library, healing arts, nutritional advice, beauty consultations and more to cancer patients in community.

In 2008, the Bernsteins and Dr. Allison's vision became a reality when the establishment calling The Caring Place held its grand opening in Las Vegas. Now a local institution, the Caring Place has helped thousands of cancer patients and their loved ones find the emotional and mental support they need during trying times.

To read this chapter and more, you can find Al Bernstein's book "30 Years, 30 Undeniable Truths" at

For further information about Dr. Mary Ann Allison at this cancer institute of Nevada and the committed staff at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada who touch the lives of patients like Connie Bernstein, please visit or call (702) 952- 3400.

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