Physician At Comprehensive Cancer Center Of Nevada Named "Top Oncologist in the United States"

Interactive health network HealthTap recognizes Dr. Rupesh J. Parikh as one of the "Top Oncologists in the United States."

Dr. Rupesh J. Parikh, a board certified medical oncologist at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN), has been recognized by HealthTap as one the "Top Oncologists in the United States."

The award recognizes Dr. Parikh for assisting more than 103,000 people on HealthTap and represents the highest distinction for his expertise.

HealthTap, an interactive health network and mobile app, is dedicated to improving people's health and well-being by providing users with personalized health information and free online and mobile answers to health questions from thousands of the best physicians in the United States. The site boasts more than 1.2 million physician profiles from all over the country.

Dr. Parikh has practiced medical oncology for more than 10 years and has a special interest in bone and soft tissue sarcomas, as well as thoracic and GI oncology. Dr. Parikh joined CCCN in 2005, and quickly became recognized for his passion to serve the cancer community. In his own words, he states, "the spirit of service to mankind is embedded into the heart of my commitment to medicine." Dr. Parikh's personal philosophy is to care for the patient above all else. It is this passionate and caring approach that makes him an ideal candidate for HealthTap's award.

The accomplishments of Dr. Parikh are just one example of CCCN's team of knowledgeable and caring physicians and staff. To learn more about Dr. Parikh or the 38 other compassionate doctors of Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, or to locate a physician near you, visit or call (702) 952-3350.