October Rings In Positive Breast Cancer News for Patients

While we take pride in local breast cancer events we can also relish in the fact that the outlook for breast cancer survivors keeps getting better and better. Learn the facts.

Breast cancer patients have more reasons to celebrate life during this year's awareness month observance as new reports and studies show increases in new treatment options, diagnostics and higher rates of survival.

Breast cancer research since 2006 has contributed to more than 72 gene-based treatment and therapy options. Earlier detection is on the rise, and when the disease is discovered before it spreads to other organs, the five-year survival rate increase to 98 percent. Detection has also been key in reducing the mortality rate by 3.2 percent among women younger than 50 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breast cancer continues to be the second leading type of cancer in Nevada. Fortunately, there are many specialists who treat breast cancer in Las Vegas and throughout the state. Nationally, statistics show that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetimes.

The disease is not exclusive to women; men are also diagnosed with breast cancer. Although the rate of incidence among men is nowhere near that of women - an estimated one in 1,000 - male patients benefit from the multiple advancements in treatment and therapy options.

According to the National Cancer Institute, early detection contributes to a five-year survival rate of 96 percent among male patients.

Multiple organizations across the country continue to host fundraisers, walks and other events during October and throughout the year that support cancer research. Many will post their respective activities on the Web and identify how you can contribute and participate.

To learn more about recent breast cancer advances, group therapy and Breast Cancer Awareness Month visit http://cccnevada.com or call (702) 952- 3400. Place importance on your health and use this month as an extra reminder to get an annual mammography if you are over the age of 40; it could save your life or the life of others.

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