Spike of the Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Market - AMPAC USA

Spike of the Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Market - AMPAC USA

AMPAC USA is a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of wastewater treatment chemicals that come accompanied by their treatment systems. The sudden increase of the need for such chemicals in the industry comes after the huge backlash towards companies that polluted the surroundings around the factories. In the 1900s when industrialization was at its peak, groundwater pollution became just a matter of collateral damage for many. 

In the late 1900s however, the effects of unsupervised industrialization were visible which included lack of safe drinking water, even from sources that had freshwater before. The rising freshwater pollution and a shortage of drinking water led to a series of policy changes across the world that required factories to adhere to regulations for rejecting wastewater. In this piece, AMPAC shares the reasons for market growth for treatment chemicals.


AMPAC USA understands the market of water considering they have been working in the field for 30 years now. One trend they have particularly taken note of is the increase in demand for wastewater treatment systems and chemicals.

Wastewater has become a very important topic of discussion for every industry, especially after the building environmental problems that have come to light,” says Sammy Farag, CEO of AMPAC USA. “Industries not only pollute the atmosphere with impure air, but they also dump the waste in lands and impure water in the lakes and rivers. While from a business point of view, nothing really matters other than manufacturing in huge numbers and an increase in sales. However, someone has to worry about the consequences that come with unsupervised industrialization.

Keeping in mind the rapid climate change, it was made mandatory for authorities to place regulations in effect supervising the pollution caused by factories in the region. Wastewater treatment, therefore as a part of this effort, has been made compulsory for industries all around the world by international and national, as well as local governances to keep the quality of it being dumped in check. And it is no surprise to see that a growing population has led to growing industries which, in turn, has led to investments in this section. Global wastewater management and treatment is a billion-dollar industry today. The Asia Pacific and African countries have seen rapid growth in population leading to an, even more, increase in market demand for wastewater chemicals and equipment.

In 2015, chemicals had a 30 percent share in the market of wastewater treatment and are expected to rise considering the economic and noneconomic sectors in developing and under developing countries.

In a recently released report, the growing market for wastewater treatment chemicals has been explored and it looks promising.

Getting Noticed:

The report is very intricate in determining what would be the trends and factors that will influence market shares of major corporations in the world.

The report simply represents the path and where it will lead in 2022 based on the reality today. A lot of industries now are investing more time and money to make their businesses as self-sustainable as possible,” adds Farag.

This seems to be true. A report made by the International Water Association found that the city of Aqaba treats 90 percent of its wastewater. Moreover, the Aqaba Water Company generates more than $4 million in income from the treatment project alone.

And the benefits are marvelous. The company is able to meet 30 percent of the city’s water demand through reclaimed water and, through this initiative, is maintaining green urban landscapes by reducing its carbon emissions. This is a success story at the very least that other cities and companies are taking notice.

Farag feels that if companies look at the model used by the city of Aqaba, they can easily reduce their carbon footprint by a large number while still generating revenues.

Increasing Market Means Increased Accountability:

The report by Research and Markets is one of a kind with a thorough examination of the growth in this particular sector. Along with simple predictions on what the market size will be in 2022, the report has also taken care of factors that drive the market, the challenges that might present themselves, market trends, key vendors and more.

Key findings:

The report has brought into light many interesting facts about what the market will look like for the treatment chemical industry. Based on it, here are some of the key points:

  • It is anticipated that the market will reach $35 billion by 2022 with a CAGR growth of 5.5 percent.

  • Its growth will be triggered by a growing concern for climate change, environmental impact, growth in population and old infrastructure.

  • A predicted increase of urban population to global 58 percent by 2025 will lead to a further boost in wastewater treatment sales.

  • The market demands would particularly increase for oil, gas industries, seawater desalination, power, mining and big manufacturing companies.

An impressive statistic, the increased growth can definitely mean that more industries are pledging to treat their wastewater, thereby holding accountability of their actions. This seems to be a great win for everyone on a global scale. Farag feels the same.

Before when the regulations were tightened, companies invested in chemicals for treatment to avoid any problem. And even though that is the reason, companies are investing in water treatment systems, too. We have seen an increase in the number of orders in the past five to six years and the systems are a huge investment to make. This implies that the topic of wastewater treatment is now reaching to boardrooms where the important discussions take place and environmental accountability is a part of their plan, too.


The report says that the reverse osmosis treatment of wastewater will also be driven by the fact that regulations all around the world are likely to become strict due to the rise in pollution all around the world. This takes care of a maximum portion of responsibility on the industries to ensure that any actions done for the growing demand do not result in unwanted consequences. At present, the market stands at $22 billion and will increase with the growth of population and industries.

Hopefully, this could help get the planet back to its former glory, however, the goal is still at least 50 years away from being achieved, and that will happen only if all the efforts are focused into conservation and sustainable development.

Author’s Bio:

AMPAC USA is a leading manufacturer of advanced reverse osmosis water treatment systems. For over 30 years, AMPAC is striving to develop solutions to make reverse osmosis systems advanced for improved quality and cost efficiency.


The city of Aqaba and their wastewater treatment initiative is a success story at the very least that other cities and companies are taking notice of.” - Sammy Farag, CEO, AMPAC USA


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