Specialized Fintech for a Business to Help It Thrive, Words From Brandon Frere

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Financial technology, or fintech, is becoming more and more fundamental for running a modern business. With any sort of breakthrough development, it will eventually start growing so large that it splits off into multiple subsets of its own. In the case of specific fintech, or spec-fintech, businesses have more options with specializing fintech to suit their needs. Brandon Frere, CEO and president of Frere Enterprises, specializes in working with companies to digitally transform them for the new age and updating them with fintech to suit their needs.

“Being an industry disrupter means figuring out what’s new and groundbreaking and innovating on it, and using it to your advantage for your business,” said Frere. Different branches of fintech are emerging as people combine and orchestrate new technologies to better suit a new field. Emerging from that innovation are things like “insurtech,” which revolve around specific types of business as hinted at with the name. Each new type has its own set of idiosyncrasies and uses. Insurtech is based around bringing accessibility to insurance policyholders, like with mobile apps and online access. Quick claims that use photos directly from a smartphone that are sent over minutes after an accident has occurred is on a whole new level of ease of access for clients. The less effort a client has to put forward, the more likely they’re going to have a positive view of a company and continue service with them and even potentially recommend the business to others.

There are other varieties emerging, and others growing from their already established base like cryptocurrencies. Utilizing fintech for a company has near endless possibilities, with more capabilities emerging every day. Growing a thriving business means making use of as many resources as possible and adapting to ever-evolving technology. “Running a company that is successful and capable of healthy growth takes a willingness to adapt to new situations, and continually evolving as a person and as a company,” said Frere.

About Frere Enterprises

Run by CEO Brandon Frere, Frere Enterprises is a California-based company with a global vision based on the usage of special financial technology, or SpecFinTech, with a current focus on financial wellness and productivity.

He has designed and created multiple companies to meet the ever-demanding needs of businesses and consumers, alike. Frere’s website, www.FrereEnterprises.com, is used as a means to communicate many of the lessons, fundamentals, and information that he has learned throughout his extensive business and technological endeavors. Through Frere Enterprises, he aims to apply those lessons to other business opportunities.

Frere Enterprises’ mission is to acquire traditional businesses and digitally transform them to meet and exceed modern day demand. This mission seeks to transform such businesses by developing the newest and most evolved technologies to speed up the evolution of financial services in order to meet the demands of the modern consumer and exceed the potential of the modern era.


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