Social Media Platform TrustedIn Trading Welcomes PDATA Into the Network, Emphasizing Common Goals

Joining the ranks within the TrustedIn Trading social media network is Opiria-Platform, the creators behind the PDATA token. The common goals of all parties involve transparency within the community in order to create trust.

PDATA, a token project that rewards users for the data they choose to share, has become a fully verified member of the TrustedIn Trading platform. is a social media network for modern businesses, cryptocurrency projects, blockchain startups and traditional finance teams as well. The tools provided within TrustedIn Trading encourage a trustworthy community to thrive by requiring transparency and identity verification of all members. 

Transparent representation of real companies, corporations and individuals removes much of the potential for mistrust among peers. Each TrustedIn Trading user will be required to prove that they are who they claim to be, or they will simply be denied their seat at the table. 

"Opiria platform is a global marketplace for the trading of personal data. Since we are dealing with sensitive user data, values like trust and transparency are extremely important to us. This also applies to the financial sector. This is why there is a huge need for trust and transparency in this ecosystem. That is what I specifically like about TrustedIn Trading. Through their proper KYC of all users and related companies, you know that you are dealing with real people and real companies that do not have any criminal past." -Christian Lange, PDATA  ​​

​The PDATA team can now utilize the TrustedIn Trading network to work in a seamless environment, with tools that are specially designed to encourage compliance across jurisdictions, while organizing and managing their team. 

Media Contact: Shane McQuillan

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Source: TrustedIn Trading