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eShipGlobal has launched their new initiative, UEMSConnect

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When international students decide to live and study in the U.S., they often have questions and concerns. These questions can range from topics like acclimating to the U.S. or how to apply for OPT. Coming to live in a foreign country is often filled with worries and uncertainty. After all, they are leaving their family, life, and country behind to live and study in a different culture.

Often it is the International student advisers that are the ones having to face these questions and guide international students on their journey. It is an important job and often a busy one. They plan orientation, on-campus events, workshops, advising and sometimes even recruiting of international students. In fact, they have a long list of jobs that they are responsible for and unfortunately, many international student services (ISS) departments are understaffed.

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Albert Einstein

To help alleviate some of the strain on ISS advisors and to help international students, eShipGlobal has launched their new initiative, UEMSConnect. UEMSConnect is an online community where international students, advisers, and other university staff or students can connect. There are resources available to international students, advisers and even some for college students as a whole.

It is a social community, so users can post to groups, forms and/or private message each other. This provides a great place for international students to ask questions they may have and hear from current international students studying in the U.S. or from U.S. college students and advisers. Advisers will also be able to communicate with other advisers around the country to learn and share tips about being an ISS professional. What better way to learn than from people that have been in the same situation.

UEMSConnect also aims to connect incoming international students with organizations on campus. Clubs and organizations can either create a group specifically for their club and/or they can create a forum board under their university’s group forum. Using the groups and group forums, incoming international students and college organizations students can communicate, share stories or show off their organizations. Clubs can even set up events and share it with the group!

In addition, UEMSConnect aims to connect international students with services that will help them during their stay in the U.S. - much like a concierge. UEMSConnect partners with a variety of businesses that provide services that can benefit international students, such as finding apartments or obtaining SIM cards. As their community grows, they hope to have a wider selection of services and discounts to share.

UEMSConnect is a community designed to connect the global community through shared experiences and stories. That is what the UEMS in UEMSConnect stands for: University Experiences Made Social.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein

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