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A New Way College Students Are Conquering Student Debt

College Cost Stats

The costs of getting a college education has risen. Many students are having to apply for more loans in order to pay for college. In 2015, approximately seven out of 10 college graduates owed money for student loans. The average student loan debt is more than $30,000 per borrower, with the total student load debt being around $1.2 trillion.

Attending college costs about $9,650 for a four-year public college with in-state tuition. That number more than doubles for out-of-state. Private nonprofit universities cost about $33,480 to attend. Those costs are just for the tuition - costs of room and board range from $10,000 to $12,000. So what can students do to help alleviate or eliminate this debt?

Several students have turned to entrepreneurship to earn money for college tuition. In fact, 54% of millennials have or want to start their own business. Once such entrepreneurial student, LeiLei Secor, is selling jewelry on Etsy to help cover her tuition costs. In three years, she has made $100,000 through her Etsy business. Businesses like LeiLei’s require not only a platform to sell, but also a way to get the merchandise to the customer. That is where eShipGlobal’s product, eShipNOW, comes in.

eShipNOW is a personal shipping solution that launched in October of 2016. It is an easy-to-use, cloud-based service. Through the service, users can ship packages up to 150 lbs at discounted rates. They also have the ability to ship Internationally or domestically. eShipNOW helps users save money, not only with discounted rates, but also with cost comparison. Users have the ability to compare shipping costs across several different carriers (FedEx, UPS, etc.).

The best part is that sign-up is completely free, students only pay for the shipping. The only thing people need to sign-up is a valid email address.

eShipGlobal has a vision for eShipNOW that they hope to be able to implement in the future. These additions would provide more support to entrepreneurs and small businesses, such as integrating Etsy and allowing users to add products to a personal product database. The vision to this integration would be that eShipNOW would also become an order fulfillment tool for individuals and small businesses.

eShipGlobal was started by an entrepreneur who is proud to offer a service that could potentially help other entrepreneurs with their own business.

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