Small Business Owner Cleaning Up With Dealstruck's Help

Dealstruck, Inc., the leading online small business lender, has expanded its reach in the commercial cleaning industry by financing Miami, FL based ServPro franchise owner Cleaning & Restoration Corp.  The additional funds are helping business owners Ozzie Calzada and Vivian Toledo with their dream of expanding the business to qualify for larger commercial projects.

Cuban immigrant, Ozzie Calzada, came to the US as a young man and through perseverance and hard work, has attained the American dream of owning his own business.  Through attractive financing packages with ServPro corporate, Ozzie and his wife and business partner, Vivian Toledo, were able to finance equipment multiple times to grow the business, but as the company provides the funds privately and does not report to credit agencies, the business failed to establish a business credit track record and was not able get bank financing.  Online lender Dealstruck was able to approve the couple for a combination term loan and accounts receivable line of credit despite their lack of business credit history.  Ozzie and Vivan used their $60,000 term loan to pay off their equipment loan and are using their line of credit to manage cash flow.  Says Ozzie, “The line of credit allows me to meet payroll while I’m waiting on my invoices to be paid.  It’s very helpful.”

Dealstruck is honored to be a part of the Cleaning & Restoration Corp.'s success story.  To learn more about these dedicated business people, read the borrower profile.

Source: Dealstruck


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