4TheWeb Digital Marketing Gets Dealstruck Financing

Denver, Colorado based digital marketing firm, 4TheWeb, recently completed a second round of financing through online lender Dealstruck.  Dealstruck, a direct balance sheet lender, specializes in providing appropriate and affordable loans to small and medium sized businesses that are unable to qualify for traditional bank products.

The digital marketing firm, owned by husband and wife team Josh and Brittany Race, faced a unique hurdle when looking for business loans--a lack of credit history due to an aversion to debt.  Though admirable to avoid the credit card crunch so many find themselves trapped in, by eschewing all credit cards and loans in the past, the Races found themselves in a pretty unique scenario.  Traditional banks view a lack of credit to be almost as detrimental to a loan application as bad credit and the company was unable to get approved.  Fortunately, Dealstruck is able to work with younger companies with limited credit history and approved 4TheWeb for its first business loan.  This gave the company the capital it needed for expansion.  

Despite a long-standing and positive history with our bank, they wouldn't touch us when it came to a loan. Dealstruck took a chance and helped us achieve the growth that we knew was possible.

Josh Race

Co-Owner, 4TheWeb

4TheWeb saw tremendous growth following its first cash infusion from Dealstruck and after successfully paying off the loan according to terms, will be using a second, larger Dealstruck loan to continue on its growth path.  The firm is the subject of a recent Borrower Profile written by Dealstruck, detailing how the financing allowed for the expansion the co-owners dreamed of.

About Dealstruck  

Dealstruck is a leading online direct lender and the first to offer multiple products -- including flexible term loans and multiple line of credit solutions -- to small- and medium-sized business (SMB) owners. With a mission to provide growing SMBs with access to capital that is unique, appropriate and affordable with honesty and transparency. ​

Source: Dealstruck


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