SkinPro Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Limited Edition Elite Serum 10

The Miami-based company is celebrating 10 years of manufacturing, marketing, and distributing targeted anti-aging treatments by releasing a limited edition of its flagship product, Elite Serum.


Nearly 10 years to the date the original version of Elite Serum was launched, an acclaimed eye treatment targeting bags, dark circles, puffy eyes, and even wrinkles, the parent company, SkinPro, is pleased to announce a special 10th-anniversary edition with an entirely revamped formula that features growth factors and a special platinum airless dispenser.  

In 2009, after 18 months of market research, education, and consulting local dermatologists and scientists, SkinPro founder Timothy J. Schmidt decided it was time to get into the cosmeceutical industry, with a focus on selling products backed by science in an effort to gain customers in a rapidly growing market segment. 

The flagship product, Elite Serum, was fueled by a never-seen-before formulation of peptides, like the unheard-of Argireline and Haloyxl, coupled with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as resveratrol. Using a grassroots approach by sending out many samples to media outlets and bloggers, the popularity surged to levels that had the company scrambling to manufacture more inventory. 

“It’s wild to go from sending out more samples of products to the media than to actual customers to having issues fulfilling orders, all in under a year,” commented Schmidt. “I knew I had put together a winning formula, but to hear industry publications comment on how viable the product was let me know I had something special.” 

Media accolades on the original version included Medical Daily, Plastic Surgery Practice, and Skin Inc., in addition to getting kudos from offshore laboratory partners Centerchem and Lipotec. Using the success of Elite Serum as a launching pad, the company now has a roster of over 50 targeted skin treatments in categories like vegan and organic, women’s body care, cannabis (CBD) and, of course, cosmeceuticals. 

Elite Serum 10 will launch this fall with a formula that builds on its famous current formulation by adding growth factors IGF-1, VFGF, aFGF, bFGF, and EGF, which contain potent skin renewal and wound-healing properties.  Growth factors aim to add power to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, and pore size by thinning the aging skin and accelerating the growth of epidermal cells, epithelial cells, and cellular Nervosa.

Reserve Elite Serum 10 on the home page of and be notified when it’s ready for purchase and also get a coupon for $25 off this limited-edition eye serum. 

For media inquiries or additional information about SkinPro, please contact:

Tim Schmidt
Phone: 800-575-2065

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