SkinPro Announces Launch of New Customer Experience

After recently celebrating ten years of being in business, the Miami based skin care company continues its commitment to offering highly targeted skin treatments at affordable prices by launching its new website with a focus on user experience.


SkinPro, a Miami-based skin care company that recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website.  

Known in the world of skin care as a customer service focused brand, the new website platform houses all six brands owned and operated by SkinPro. The company is proud to finally offer a one stop shop that allows customers to choose from their favorite brands across 16 categories of skin care treatments.

“We have been fortunate to gain a cult-like following with every brand we introduce. Where we missed the mark was providing our customers a platform that allowed them to buy all of our brands under one marketplace,” said company Founder and President Tim Schmidt. 

Offering the flagship SkinPro producrts, along with Elite Serum Rx, Delfogo, Medical Grade Skin Care, DNA Cosmeceuticals, and Seductiva brands, the website also offers customers the ease of subscribing to producers for auto-delivery on a schedule ranging from every one to three months, allowing them to save 20% on their cost along the way. 

“With the social distancing environment set in place, this was a function that immediately became popular with our regular customers. As a consumer of health products myself, I tend to gravitate towards ordering from companies that allow me to make re-ordering easy, and it’s a nice bonus to save money along the way,” added Schmidt. 

​SkinPro offers targeted skin treatments for both men and women. Known for their use of imported laboratory peptides with proven clinical testing, the company also offers organic skin treatments and even CBD products. 

"The focus in early years was always on facial products because most people care most about their face," added Schmidt. "After listening to our customers and studying the market, we moved into body products and intimate targeted treatments," he concluded. 

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