Ice Cold Marketing Once Again Accepting Search Engine Optimization Clients

Fort Lauderdale SEO company Ice Cold Marketing is once again helping small businesses gain traction online after spending the last two years helping one of its own internal projects see to a successful exit and transition.

Ice Cold Marketing

Ice Cold Marketing founder Tim Schmidt has been earning a living online in various forms since 2001. Known by peers as a hard-working Midwesterner from Minnesota, he quickly immersed himself in the search engine optimization industry way back in 2001. Navigating the Internet and helping his clients generate more revenue from their web properties from "wherever he chose to be" became an obsession, and 21 short years later, that obsession has landed him on lists of elite marketers who are hired by companies of all sizes to assist in their digital marketing efforts.

For the last two years, Schmidt's company, Ice Cold Marketing, a Fort Lauderdale-based Internet Marketing Agency, has had to turn away inquiries. The early months of the COVID-19 pandemic led to 100s of inquiries from businesses looking for ways to get their name out there when avenues such as networking events and face to face meetings were simply not available.

"People were accustomed to doing business the old school way, by meeting people at events, getting referrals at church, or knocking on doors, and they quickly realized they needed to find other ways to generate a buzz about their services," said Schmidt.  

Schmidt pointed to the COVID-19 pandemic as not only a turning point for Ice Cold Marketing, but also his e-commerce company, SkinPro. With retail establishments being shuttered, the massive surge in traffic online to places like Amazon created a huge buzz for online sellers.

"In about month two of the pandemic I had to stop accepting marketing clients and made the business decision to pivot and not only support our current customers, but the added  e-commerce demand," added Schmidt. "It was the right thing to do because I don't believe in working with anyone if I can't give them my full attention and best effort. I even took my website offline for a period of time."

All of that has recently changed for the SEO expert, Author, obsessed soccer Dad, and tequila snob. The Fort Lauderdale Digital Marketing Company is currently training new hires to support the hyper growth expected now that new clients are knocking on the door.

"It's certainly nice getting back into doing what I do best - helping businesses become more profitable online. I'm a hyper social type A person, and while putting my head down and selling my own products was very profitable, there's nobody to enjoy the highs with. Working with clients has always been the most rewarding experience in 20 years of generating traffic and revenues online," Schmidt concluded.

Ice Cold Marketing is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but services the globe. Visit them at to get a free website audit and consultation.

Source: Ice Cold Marketing