National REIA President Ryan Kuhlman Launches Florida Homeowner Solutions (FHS)

Ryan Kuhlman, former President of the Broward Real Estate Investor's Association, and the current President of the National Real Estate Investor's Association, the youngest person to ever hold the prestigious position, launches a new venture with one goal in mind, to help homeowners navigate through real estate hardships

Ryan Kuhlman

Having been involved in real estate in one way or another since 1990, Ryan Kuhlman has established a reputation in Florida as someone who is highly successful at helping people. After buying the Broward Real Estate Investors Association (BREIA) and WJL Properties from Bill and Jan Leon in 2013, Ryan had excelled at mentoring local South Floridians who wanted to learn the trade of investing in real estate. 

As BREIA earned a reputation as the best place to learn the ins and outs of real estate investing under Kuhlman's direction, he was appointed the position as President of the National Real Estate Investors Association in 2019 and his following carried BREIA through tough times, including a global pandemic. 

It was during this pandemic that Kuhlman realized that his time spent mentoring students meant he wasn't doing what he set out to do in the first place - help homeowners. "Mentoring is great, and there is nothing better than seeing someone use your experience to go out and make a career for themselves, but for me, the true satisfaction lies in helping homeowners get out of tough situations," said Kuhlman. 

The decision to sunset the BREIA brand was made much easier when he came to an agreement with two "super students" and a seasoned banking executive to team up with him on the new venture. 

Jo Colonna, a South Florida native, spent the last 20 years working in hospitality, with a focus on the luxury market and operational transitions. In his 20 years, he worked to acquire travel and award industry accolades such as Forbes 5 Star and AAA 5 Diamond Awards.  Jo brings his 20 years of hospitality experience to the real estate industry, where Florida Homeowner Solutions is redefining what it means to put homeowners above all else. 

Victor Carrera a native of New Jersey, has resided in Florida for the last 10 years, handling millions in sales revenue across different countries, including South America(except Brazil), Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean market, focused on building brand recognition in each respective country.  Victor is now focused on branding FHS and helping homeowners.  

Brian Cardozo is a former banker who is proficient in MI & AI. Brian has created a proprietary software for FHS to quickly identify legal strategies for FHS. Brian is instrumental in running specific foreclosure cases through this software, which will compare it to thousands of past cases and come up with strategies to out-maneuver the foreclosing bank.

FHS is located in Broward County but assists homeowners across Florida. 

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