SkinPro Announces Launch of CBD Skin Care Product Line

The disruptive Florida-based skin care company continues their dedication to science with a new product line featuring cannabis as a main active ingredient.

As Skin Pro International, Inc. (DBA SkinPro) approaches its tenth year in the business of manufacturing, marketing, and distributing lab-formulated skin care products, the company is proud to announce they have entered the emerging cannabis market. 2018 has featured the launch of the first two products featuring CBD in the formula, with the Hemp Intensive Pain Reliever already becoming a top seller for customers looking to soothe pain and calm their bodies. This product is manufactured under the budding Medical Grade Skin Care brand and has been selected as a "recommended product" by the Editors of

On June 1 the company launched the CBD Eye Cream under the same Medical Grade Skin Care line, the first under their “Green Label” initiative, and the early reception has been extremely positive. Known for a healthy stable of under eye serums, this is the first time SkinPro has manufactured a true “cream-based” emulsion for use under the eyes.

“Since our inception, we’ve always cornered the market on eye serums.  Dating back to our original Elite Serum formula, our labs have done an amazing job at formulating serums using ingredients I personally source from our overseas vendors,” said Timothy Schmidt, Founder and CEO of SkinPro.

In addition to the globally acclaimed Elite Serum products, the company makes an anti-wrinkle eye serum called DNA Serum, which features 5% Synake, a synthetic temple viper venom that was able to reduce forehead wrinkles by up to 52% in a 28-day study among 45 volunteers.

“For years, our customers have expressed their interest in us formulating a natural eye cream. We made an executive decision to not use ingredients we’ve already featured in other eye products, such as Argireline and Matrixyl 3000. Additionally, we exercised patience, performed extensive R & D, and bet on more relaxed stances on Cannabis, and it paid off immensely,” added Schmidt.

A global leader in the anti-aging skin care product industry, SkinPro worldwide from warehouses across the USA, Canada, and Australia.

The entire product line is available at the SkinPro website, as well as on their Official Amazon Store.


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