Sinefa and Gigamon Deliver World's First Complete Real-Time Traffic Visibility Coverage for Public Cloud in AWS

Leading brands Sinefa and Gigamon have partnered to enable deep application visibility and immediate traffic insights for AWS

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An increasing number of organizations are moving their workflows, applications and servers to the cloud, seeking to benefit from the improved flexibility and elasticity that cloud networks provide in managing enormous growth in data usage.

While delivering significant productivity benefits, moving to the cloud and virtualized network environments present a number of challenges – namely the creation of network performance "blind spots" and a lack of visibility into the traffic and applications using it.

As networks become more fragmented and abstracted, it's increasingly difficult for those with responsibility for the performance of those networks to see what's going on.

Chris Siakos, CTO

“As networks become more fragmented and abstracted, it’s increasingly difficult for those with responsibility for the performance of those networks to see what’s going on,” says Chris Siakos, CTO at Sinefa.

The lack of traffic insights makes it difficult to guarantee a consistent application and user experience and difficult-to-track-down intermittent performance issues. Without real-time traffic visibility across the whole network, performance of applications and cloud is compromised.

“Today, applications are accessed and can live in branch locations, data centers, across public and private clouds and mobile devices. As enterprise networks become more distributed and complex, it’s getting harder to see how they’re operating and ensure applications on them are performing well.”    

Sinefa and Gigamon’s solution addresses these challenges by delivering detailed application visibility and immediate traffic insights at all times, across all environments. By providing blind-spot coverage at one-second resolution, it enables better, faster decision making and an unprecedented ability to troubleshoot network and application performance issues.    

This solution is available via the AWS Marketplace and allows users to view real-time insights and analytics from anywhere via a cloud-based interface.  

“Sinefa and Gigamon have combined to create a world-first solution for AWS, which responds to some of the shortcomings inherent in moving to a public cloud,” says Siakos.

“Generally, when you move into the cloud you gain flexibility but lose control and visibility, making it difficult to make sound infrastructure decisions and ensure a consistent customer experience. Together, we’re making traffic visibility across the whole network a simple reality.”

Cloud computing is also changing rapidly with edge computing growing in popularity for large data and low-latency applications. Workloads can oscillate between cloud and edge depending on requirements, which makes applications and workloads even more transitory and the network even more important. Being able to see what’s happening across the whole network in real-time becomes critical.

For Gigamon and Sinefa customers, this collaboration extends traffic visibility coverage from the branch, the data center and programmable network to the public cloud. Sinefa’s agnostic and pervasive approach to traffic insights means complete coverage of any type of network – branch, virtual, SDN, physical, distributed, serverless compute, public cloud.  

Sinefa’s probes and Gigamon’s Visibility Platform for AWS Monitoring & Security are available via the AWS Marketplace; Sinefa offers a 14-day free trial of its products. 

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