Sinefa's Groundbreaking Network Benchmarks Provide Critical Insights Comparing Cloud Application Performance to Industry Benchmarks

Network Benchmarks Sets the Bar for Achievable Cloud Application Performance.

Network Benchmarks

Sinefa, a network data intelligence company, is introducing its new Network Benchmarks, the first-ever, crowd-sourced network traffic insights that allows enterprises to compare the performance of their business-critical, cloud applications (e.g., Salesforce, Office 365) with other organizations in similar industries and geographies.  

Sinefa’s Network Benchmarks allow enterprises to compare application performance metrics, including transaction times and application health, with industry benchmarks. Network Benchmarks provides context for network insights and  allows for quick and easy comparisons by industry or geography. Armed with these metrics and context, network managers can make informed, improved decisions on network changes, applications investments, security and cloud.

“To fully understand what great application performance looks like, a solid benchmark for comparison is required,” says John Bothe, Head of Product at Sinefa. “Sinefa’s Network Benchmarks provides organizations with a performance baseline to strive for and helps them make informed decisions to surpass industry benchmarks. Networks Benchmarks quickly defines if an organization is best in class or falling behind.”

Network Benchmarks establishes industry and geographic performance benchmarks by intelligently storing, analyzing, and querying vast amounts of crowd-sourced data in an anonymized data lake.  

“The rapid migration to the cloud means that an increasing number of organizations are relying on third party applications and network infrastructure,” added John.  “These organizations lack visibility into app performance and have no way to measure how they stack up against their competitors, organisations in the same geography, or organizations using the same service provider. Without solid benchmarking data, it is impossible for these organizations to know what great app performance looks like. Network Benchmarks provide the industry benchmarks and equips theses organizations with whole new level of actionable insights. ”


Sinefa’s Network Benchmarks will be available in 2Q18 as an upgrade option for all customers. A complimentary 15-minute demo is available for interested parties by contacting

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