Retail Giant 7-Eleven Improves Network Performance With Sinefa

7-Eleven has chosen Sinefa to improve traffic insights and control across its corporate network - including 680 retail stores countrywide.

​Sinefa delivers enterprise-wide network traffic insights and live visibility across 7-Eleven's corporate offices, data centers, and expansive retail network. 

7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd is the largest convenience and independent petrol retailer in the country, serving an average of six customers each second. With retail outlets across four states and one territory, 7-Eleven wanted real-time visibility and detailed reporting regarding overall network performance, and the ability to control network traffic from a central location.

Previously we had to wait for reports from our network provider and other sources that could take 24 hours or more; now we have this information available around the clock within seconds.

Thoshan Ruberu, Head of Architecture, Security and Governance at 7-Eleven

“We presented 7-Eleven with a solution that would meet these objectives, allowing them to ensure a consistent experience for frontline and corporate employees and customers,” says Con Nikolouzakis, CEO at Sinefa.

“With close to 700 retail outlets along the east and west coast, the size and distributed nature of the 7-Eleven network – combined with their large transaction volumes - presented challenges with regards to understanding and managing network traffic and resolving any issues expediently."

“Enterprises globally are undergoing exciting digital transformations; however, congestion and poor performing networks can severely impact these initiatives – regardless of industry. While networks have never been as critical, application data growth, virtualization, and cloud have made them more complex, and harder to manage."

“It’s critical for organizations to have the ability to see how their networks are operating in real-time, and ensure that their applications are performing well around the clock,” says Mr. Nikolouzakis.

Thoshan Ruberu, Head of Architecture, Security, and Governance at 7-Eleven, says: “Sinefa gives us real-time insights into traffic across the entire network. During the first week of our proof of concept, we discovered that email sync between the Victorian support office and a data center was using 100% of that link’s capacity for hours at a time during the workday. Using Sinefa, we were able to implement a shaping rule to reduce the bandwidth impact of that function. Previously we had to wait for reports from our network provider and other sources that could take 24 hours or more; now we have this information available around the clock within seconds.”

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